Thursday, October 7, 2010

More of Otto

Michael lost his battle with the road to the Beach House.

The Strip and the poor guys who have been working diligently on the seaweed there have lost their battle as well.

Look at these waves people!

So let's emergency landing of an American Eagle flight. Flooding pretty much everywhere. A possible diesel spill (it's in barrels, so hopefully not). No cargo (no groceries?).

Government offices and schools closed early (on St. Kitts I heard it through the Facebook grapevine). St. Martin sent people home too plus they get the bonus that everyone has to be off the roads by 3pm (although they're not calling it a curfew). Everything was closed in the BVIs where they got over 17 inches of rain, Saba 11 1/2", a contact here at the Marriott reports 12" since Monday.

The BVIs have declared a State of Emergency, a fishing village in St. Lucia has been declared a "disaster," and we're a mess.

Yep, this was fun. Good thing it wasn't a hurricane. No seriously... had we had any winds every tree on this island would have fallen over thanks to the oversaturated soils. Overall, we got really lucky, but it still sucked.

Saturday some time the winds should start shifting east again to get the seas off the beaches and by Sunday we'll all be complaining about the stagnant air again. Aaaaah, the circle of life...