Thursday, October 7, 2010

One More Day....Right Otto?

So I think we have one more day of this, two more days of southerly swells, and then we should have a nice weekend. People are going to flock to the beaches, so I'm guessing that there will be a rush to clean up. Rush...St. Kitts....well, when it comes to businesses, owners do get themselves up and running in record time.

Apparently, a few of Nevis's roads finally had enough. There must be a good article with pictures here, but the site was down the last time I checked. I put it here anyway in case it comes back up. There are a bunch of pictures on the Nevis Disaster Management site, so for anyone concerned/interested in Nevis events, this one is for you. That's a great website, BTW; St. Kitts should hire whoever did that and do the same. I did do a Facebook search to see if anyone else was discussing this and just saw a bunch of whining and a reference to the Botanical Gardens cleaning up.

Any news about St. Kitts is minimal at the moment. Online news on this island is terrible. Even the "daily" news hasn't updated since the 1st. Of the 3 major news outlets, SKNVibes website is down all the time anymore and the other 2 post about 3 articles/day. None perform any follow-up functions. No one seems to be aware that people are actually interested in late-breaking news...Well, I am, but without a car can't pick up the slack. All I can tell you is what's happening in our little microcosm of St. Kitts. I tried listening to the radio via internet yesterday and every time the news came on, I'd lose my internet connection. Coincidence? Well, I don't know....

I did catch a radio broadcast this morning though. WINNFM just (6am) interviewed someone from Emergency Management (NEMA). He mentioned some homes flooded, but I couldn't understand where he said that happened. He thought Old Bay Rd was the only road affected on the island. I got the impression that they relied on people calling in though, so since it was only 6am, I'd say that we won't know until later. I give the radio host credit that she put out a request for people to call in. Apparently to add insult to injury a water pipe broke downtown. Electricity is out in a few pockets (New Road, Cedar Grove, Bayfront, St. Peters) The ghaut (river-like water shoot) is obviously running strong and slippery thanks to sand, so be careful!

If any of you news organizations are reading this, weather is news! Announcements are important - and need to be timely. Print small-craft advisories, storm warnings, health warnings (Dengue fever is up)! Find out if there will be power outages, cable upgrades, water shortages. People care about this stuff. It impacts their everyday lives! I'd suggest a crime blotter, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. Even the police website hasn't listed a thing since 2009. Then again, on an island this small, I'm not sure mentioning every crime is a good idea...As it is, everyone thinks that if they go to NYC they're guaranteed to get mugged, raped, or otherwise molested thanks to general statistics issued on the city. On a smaller scale, you'd never leave your house.

While searching for news I ran across this website. I think I'll even add it my links. I did find this rant about the laying off of federal employees. Remember my earlier mention of the port authority employees being let go? Now, I'm actually still impressed that the government is willing to make the tough decisions to downsize and with the addition of the VAT tax, may actually be able to bring the debt down. That said, if this is being done without any thought to what these newly unemployed people are going to do (no new job training), then the move may well backfire as all these folks go on welfare/unemployment (assuming there is such a thing here). Only time will tell.

Well, it's time for breakfast. I'm scared...