Sunday, October 3, 2010


Someone give me some Advil. Yesterday, we and about 200 others ran for the St. Christopher's Children's Home hoping to raise money for some home improvements. With various sponsorships, they actually raised $100,000EC, which is pretty amazing.

Our own Hash House Harriers stepped up and had about 100 people there. Now we thought that we'd just all stick together as a group, trotting along at a nice amiable pace, but it turned out that the run was a race and the competitive spirit kicked in, so all bets were off.

The run took place at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club .

We all thought this had to be one of the best organized events any of us have ever been to on-island. There was a lot of advance notice, word really went around, and from start to finish, things appeared to run smoothly. This, of course, would explain the successful amount of money raised - what a concept!

We all registered at 2:30, getting wrist bands, numbers, and a t-shirt.

And it's 277 vs 276!

Now what were the chances of hash perv Peter getting this number, I don't know, but there's Tina doing the honor of poking him.

Not only was there a time clock,

but the Prime Minister himself showed up to kick things off.

Before we started, one of the island's fitness gurus, Elston Nisbett, got us into some stretching exercises. He was yelling at us like a drill sergeant so I can imagine how much fun his kickboxing classes are.

And then we were off - someone fired a gun and everything!

It was a nice meandering course.

I was just happy to see the 3K sign. Look at those ominous clouds. It was hot enough with the cloud cover, so I think we all would have appreciated a little rain.

These guys were already returning. Hrmph.

I had been hanging back to encourage Tina along, but she later decided to take a short cut, so I kicked it into high gear and before I knew it could see the finish line myself. Wahoo!

A lot of people were taking pictures, so I'll give you links to those when I get them.

Of course, who came in first? Energizer Bunny Michael and Bionic Woman Kathleen (Kat). Michael who doesn't exercise at all other than hashing every 3 weeks and wasn't even trying, was encouraging Kat, who has been training for a marathon, to pick it up and the two of them glided across the finish line together.

They even got trophies! The trophies were actually handed out by a medal award winner, Kim Collins. Mr. X came in 3rd for the men.

Kat receiving hers.

There's Mikey! When the announcer called Michael up, there was Kim handing him the trophy and the announcer said something like "and Michael even beat Kim Collin's time," which made things a bit awkward but funny.

Michael came in at 20:58 (minutes).

Our happy trophy winners.

Afterwards came bouncy time for the kids who still had energy.

and a BBQ for the hungry.

Lucky for us, we weren't that hungry.

Then the rain that had been looming all day began with a light drizzle, so we headed for our next stop - Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack.

Some of the competitors were already there imbibing.

With this storm off to our east, the air has gone stagnant. Look at how calm these seas are.

I'm guessing that by tonight, we'll be feeling something from this latest weather system.

This is just pathetic...