Thursday, October 7, 2010

Step Away from the Cereal Box

You know there's something wrong when you take your camera with you before you open your cereal box. It's even more wrong though when you have something to take a picture of.

Here's my flying flake on the kitchen cabinet - well, under Zura's paw. Flies and mosquitoes don't stand a chance in this house either.

I'm pretty sure I'm switching to oatmeal (pre-packaged). Maybe a nice piece of toast...If I was in the States, I'd sue the raisin pickers, the cereal makers, the cereal-box makers, the shippers, and the store I bought it in for emotional distress (and possibly my bad hair days) and make millions!

I went to put my soaked shoes outside hoping to dry them out and saw that it's been so humid, the walls are starting to pucker.

The sun...the sun is back (partially)! Time to get my hair cut! Oooh, pretty multicolored water.

Remember when most of the island signs fell over during Hurricane Earl? Well, this sign is not going to go anywhere once they're finished with it.

More hope that things might be changing on the island is that my internet went out early this morning. When I was walking to my hair appt., The Cable trucks were already out and working on the problem (it's back on obviously, but incredibly slow).

I got to the turn-about that the Marriott beautified only to find the nearby park & street underwater.

Hmmm. How to get across. I decided to cut through the golf course, only to discover that there were hidden puddles so got my feet all wet again. Got to my appt only to find that my hairdresser had hurt herself so wasn't coming in (it's not serious, so nobody who knows her panic). About face!

I stood at the flooded corner again wondering if I should flag down a car to take me through it when I decided to just take the golf course short cut again. My feet were already wet anyway (not easy being a pedestrian in this world). This time though, I couldn't figure out how to get off the course. There were new lakes everywhere. The birds were enjoying it though.

Just when I thought I'd found my way out I pictured myself slipping in the mud and discovered a trail leading up instead.

Got home, took a second 1-minute shower to get the sweat off myself. threw my newly worn clothes into the hamper, and put my sneakers next to yesterday's pair on the balcony. It's still cool, but also still humid. The walks are good since the only exercise I've had the past few days is opening and closing windows. One more day with my muppet hair.

And it's raining...and thundering...lightning.

Michael needs to hire this guy. He's actually mowing in the rain (well before it became a downpour).

Speaking of Michael - he just sent me these pictures. This is (or was) the retaining wall at the top of Timothy Hill (between Frigate Bay & the southeast peninsula). Several of boulders have taken chinks out of it all summer, but this latest onslaught must have just been too much for it. Glad I wasn't running past it when it broke!

I think I'm going to go grab a book. The power has stayed on so far, but I don't want to temp the electricity gods. Did I mention that I can hear Michael cursing from here? He forgot his rain jacket. I'm pretty sure the government is unhappy too - about the mess this is causing, not Michael forgetting his jacket (although they might be concerned he catch cold).