Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still Raining

Sounds like a lot of people are getting rained on from the Eastern seaboard to Canada. Of course, some places are already having record-low temps, so I'm wondering if some of you are going to be in for another loooong winter. If so, remember you can always come to St. Kitts! I think this poor island has met its limits on saturation though. Once again, we got quite the downpours overnight. We don't even need any wind at this point; the ground is so moist that the trees are just starting to fall over on their own.

The salt ponds are starting to overflow too. The businesses on The Strip in Frigate Bay already know the drill and cut a path from the pond to the ocean to let it drain. I guess no one did that down on the peninsula heading to Cockleshell Beach. This is the road to Reggae Beach Bar.

The beach down there has definitely gotten a bit beat up. Here's the poor Lion's Rock Beach Bar looking a little worse for wear.

A guy in front of the Spice Mill choosing just the right water-soaked log for something.

Someone's going to need to throw a beach clean-up party.

The Manhattan Gardens restaurant is also going to need a bit of help cleaning up (they're near the Cinema in the opposite direction).

Well, the radar shows some rain on the way, but I'm hoping I can get my slap-happy butt out of the house for a while in between showers. Forecasts show "heavy rains" for the next few days - I hope they're just hedging their bets and are wrong. The good news is that the stuff that seemed to be developing to our east has gone kaput and there aren't any hurricane models suggesting that anything should develop anytime soon either. Before we know it the season will be over, so let's hope this is it. Next up, we'll be whining about needing rain...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm thinking I might have to give up Raisin Bran. Last week, I was just about to pour my milk in and a boll weevil crawled out of my bowl. The cereal was just purchased. Ok, no problem. I sifted through the rest to make sure the raisins were really raisins and ate it anyway. This morning, new box, a maggot-like worm came out. I threw it into the bushes, came back inside, and started to sift through the rest when one of my flakes flew off. I kid you not - a small moth that looked exactly like a flake made a break for freedom. You know, I like a prize in my cereal just as much as the next guy, but could do without these kinds of surprises first thing in the morning.