Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Every year I try to hide, but there it is. I know, I know: What's the alternative? We should embrace our age. The 40s are the new 30s or something like that. My Mom went through a lot of trouble to give me this day. Yeah, yeah. I still think Bah, humbug. Michael sang to me this morning and I told him I'm glad he got it out of his system, now he should keep those 2 words to himself for the rest of the day. Here's the ecard he sent me.

That could not have been more perfect!

Ok, so let's see what else happened the year of my (and Michael's) birth, as if that wasn't special enoughmake-a-wish:

  • The Beatles and Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • The Today Show went color. (Holy crap, I'm old)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas aired for the first time.
  • Lost in Space, The Dating Game, Green Acres, I Spy, The Big Valley, The Dean Martin Show, Hogan's Heroes, I Dream of Jeannie, Get Smart, Tom & Jerry, and Days of our Lives debuted on the small screen. Talk about great TV programming. If you're too young to have heard of those, you can just bite me. At least the Price is Right is older than me.
  • Others born this year were Chris Rock, Brooke Shields, Robert Downey Jr, JK Rowling, Ben Stiller, Heidi Fleiss, Shania Twain, Dr. Dre, Slash from Guns & Roses, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and Charlie Sheen (I will not be partying like Mr. Sheen , thank you).
  • Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in and implemented his Great Society program, starting good ol' Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security (among other things). He also sent the first troops to Vietnam. Anti-war demonstrations to follow.
  • Winston Churchill died.
  • The Canadians inaugurated their maple leaf flag design. St. Louis folks got excited about their new Gateway Arch too.
  • Martin Luther King was still out doing his thing; the KKK was also still doing their thing; Malcolm X was assassinated; all kinds of marches were going on in Montgomery Alabama; and the National Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed outlawing discriminatory voting practices (did you know that that law has to be re-extended every 25 years? Bush got the privilege in 2006).
  • A Russian cosmonaut left his spacecraft becoming the first man to walk in space. The Americans did the same a few months later. We one-up'd the Russians later in the year when Mariner 4 sent back images from Mars. Russia got us back by sending a probe all the way to Venus (it became the first man-made craft to touch another planet's surface the following year). France threw something into space just for the hell of it too. The Moonwalk didn't happen until 1969, in case you're wondering; and while we're at it Michael Jackson's moonwalk premiered at the Motown 25 in 1983 (the year I graduated high school).
  • The Houston Astrodome opened.
  • We (the U.S.) sent troops to the Dominican Republic to halt the spread of communism (huh?)
  • Draft burning parties became popular. It also became illegal.
  • Mohammad Ali was in his prime.
  • The first fuel cells for electricity were tested.
  • Pakistan and India became enemies, they became tentative friends again when the Soviet Union (not yet Russia) asked them to kiss and makeup, and then just like every other juvenile delinquent they started fighting again. Taiwan and China get into it too. Korea and Japan shook hands though.
  • The first raft of Cubans hit U.S. shores with Castro's blessing.
  • Skateboarding became "in."
  • The Sound of Music premiered (I love it!)
  • The worst hurricane to hit New Orleans until Katrina came ashore - Hurricane Betsy (later called Billion-Dollar Betsy).
  • Even the Caribbean is in there with their creation of the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA).
  • Tokyo overtook NYC for largest city in the world (hrmph).
And on this day in particular, I will be celebrating with pretty much a whole bunch of other people I never heard of, but we'll be appreciating our parents for the opportunity to even be grumps about it and thanking all our friends who send us well wishes even though we know they're secretly just happy it's not them having to say they're a year older this morning.