Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brr and Grr

Well, it's been a blustery few days. We are definitely getting a winter this year. It's in the mid-70s!! It started Sunday (although the past 4 Sundays have been rather bleh - I'm paler now than I've been in 3 years), with rough seas, cold waters, and high tides.

Yesterday, we had gusty winds with side-ways rain. Just when I thought I'd have to break out my flannels, the sun would come out. Just when I started to get warmed up, another wave of rain and wind swept through. I even slept without the ceiling fan last night!! Today's radar looks like more of the same.

Does anyone else think that things are being made really cheaply anymore? Here are Michael's 3-month old work boots. Guess we won't be buying that brand again...It's not like we can just return them. Sigh. Maybe we can draw faces on the them and sell them as puppets.

Actually Michael's going to slather them in epoxy and see if that holds for awhile. Jeez.

A quick aside about the VAT. We did our fist major grocery shopping trip since the VAT kicked in. Some companies (like Rams and Carib Brewery) are charging 14.5% tax and others (like IGA) are charging the 17% (as expected). I'm not sure what the discrepancy is about. The receipts are supposed to show you pre-VAT and after-VAT prices (some do and some don't). After doing an apples to apples comparison, the prices went up before I even add the VAT. Stick on the tax, and yes, things most definitely got more expensive. The only things to stay the same were soda and cat food. Eggs inexplicably almost doubled from $9.88EC to $16.15 (or about $6US) - no VAT added. We just might have to get a pet chicken...Now the businesses get to apply for refunds of the VAT they paid, won't pass those profits onto customers, and should all be living in mansions and driving BMW's by the end of next year.

How is that affecting others? I laughed when one guy was telling me that he was amazed (and his face showed it) that people were bringing their home-made lunches to work now instead of eating out. Horrors! I'll bet a lot more home gardens sprout up.