Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cruise Ship Latest

For those of you keeping tabs, the police might have actually caught the idiots who robbed the tourists the other day. Let us hope. I think this was quite the wake-up call; one that everyone but the government seemed to see coming. This island pretty much had one chance to show it was serious about security and could handle the latest episode, so let's hope that's what happened.

The cruise ship operators need to stop over-reacting though. Every single island has had incidents. St. Kitts has had hundreds of thousands of tourists on island without problems. Thousands and thousands of people have taken island tours and had a great time. This certainly sucked and I don't take the fear that those passengers felt lightly, but the government and the tourism board stepped up immediately and did what they needed to do. Maybe those poor, traumatized folks will actually get some of their stuff back. Wouldn't that be amazing?

I think future tourists will be protected completely. The issue is more that it's not enough to just follow passengers around with armed, junta-like military personnel. Get a handle on the crime!! Locals and local businesses count too and they've increasingly been targets for months now with no government apology or action yet. Even NYC brought in outside forces when they wanted help to finally deal with an out-of-control crime issue. Why is it so difficult for St. Kitts to admit they could use some help - even if just temporarily?? Let go of your egos, for Pete's sake!!! This refusal to accept outside input can't help but make people wonder if the government is protecting the criminals. Absurd? Well, then prove it!

We're holding on here, because we know that most people are law-abiding citizens. We have some great friends - local and expat - and aren't willing to run for the hills quite yet. If the perpetrators of this stupidity were really caught, then it shows there's hope. If there's hope, then we want to be a part of this burgeoning economy and not add to its woes. Let's hope the capture of these "traitors" as the government is calling them is a sign of more arrests to come.