Thursday, November 11, 2010's over!

Hey thanks again everybody. Boy that Facebook really makes you feel popular too! In the midst of my birthday greetings, I learned that a lot of people eat oatmeal for breakfast. I had made a comment that I was eating oatmeal, and insinuated that that made me old, and discovered that Quaker is doing quite well actually. People are feeding it their kids and my under 30-year old sister is eating it too. Oatmeal appeals to all age groups, so I'll have to retract my statement. There - I'm glad that's settled then.

My birthday present to myself was finishing the editing of my book about our sailing adventures. The book has been written, the query letters have been sent to the publishers, and I am 100 pages away from being done with my final edits. If I don't hear from anyone by mid-January, I'll probably have to self-publish and get stuck with distribution, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. I am excited to have it done though. I'll have a book signing at the Shiggidy Shack!

The next thing I knew the sun was setting on my "big" day. YAAAY!

Michael got home from work, and it was time to open the gift from my Mom that I had been staring at for a week. I hadn't even shaken it! First up, the card. It played Bad to the Bone while I was reading it, so I couldn't help but get my rock on.

Then I unwrapped it carefully. I will be recycling the paper and pretty ribbons and will likely end up using them to wrap her Christmas gift. Hey! You gotta do what you gotta do!

A jewelry holder! Now any of you would-be-thieves don't get all excited. It's all glass, beads, and gold/silver-plated junk, so don't get any ideas. There's not a diamond to be found (no karat anything), so don't waste your time. I wait until this stuff falls out of its settings, rusts, gets lost, etc. and then ask for more or buy it myself, and enjoy new baubles until the pattern repeats itself. The problem was that I had no where to put it. Now I do! Thanks Mom!

Michael made a great garlicky pasta primavera for dinner and then it was time for the "cake"! Two Milky Way bars (dark chocolate, to boot!) and the requisite candles so I could get my wish. Perfect! We can't get ice cream or frozen yogurt cakes here, so this was the next best thing (I'm not really a sweets person). French fries would have worked too.

And that was it. Some birthday money found its way into my bank account (not my house criminals! - Jeez!) and I will be going downtown today for a pair of running/workout sneakers. Thanks Dad! Here's what happened to my last two pairs. I thought duct tape worked on everything, but peek-a-boo! That 2nd pair (pic) tried to kill me during my last kickboxing class.

So thanks, but let's not do this again any time soon ok?

BTW, I just have to say that this changing of the time thing really sucked. The U.S. changed, we didn't which means our shows are starting an hour later (because we're watching U.S. TV stations, some Canadian). We were both barely staying up as it was, but now we have to take a nap in order to watch the final hour of Dancing with the Stars! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, and I just got the video John filmed and Tina labored over to condense of the Children's Run. I have yet to get all the way through it as my connection stinks, but some of you full or part time Kittitians might have fun seeing you or your friends out and about. Note to self: Put hair in pony tail for these events...

St. Kitts Run & Family Walk 2010
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