Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Clouds at Sandy Bank & Cardinal Point

So how was everyone's Christmas? We appreciated the various ecards, so thanks guys. Our day was low-key just the way we wanted it. We bar-hopped Christmas Eve just to touch base with everyone. Then we opened the gifts my Mom sent in the a.m. (yay) and headed for the beach. Actually, we knew with all the weird swells we've been having lately that the beach we like, would likely be non-existent. Yep.

You'll note that the Beach Club is coming along nicely.

So we grabbed our chairs and hiked to Cardinal Point (along the cliff) instead. The trail is only about 10 minutes long, but it's got thorny plants and some loose lava gravel, so good shoes and a watchful eye go a long way. On the way there, one of the biggest monkeys I've seen on the island shot across the path in front of me. Michael & I stood there open mouthed as it careened down the cliff at break-neck speed. Did I mention it was big?

If I had money, I would so buy one of these lots...It was too rough to see the reefs down below, but still an oooh, aaaah moment.

Once at the point, it's nothing but ocean. Restful sigh.

We plunked our chairs down and tried to get comfortable, but you'll notice the clouds...It was windy too. It's been like San Diego - the sun goes behind a cloud and we break out our long sleeves.

Eventually, the sun didn't come back, so it was time to call it a day. Boo. You'll note, by the way, that I don't just get cold - I have this and should have taken a picture of my bloodless hands...

Our way back got us a run-in with goats who weren't too happy that we were on their trail.

Then it was time for dinner (sans goats). We cooked up our last fake roast so need another trip to St. Martin. I know I raved about it last time, but it was even better than we remembered it. Even if you eat meat, you'd love this Field Roast (made out of wheat and stuffed with butternut squash, apples, mushrooms and perfectly spiced. I have to thank Jim on w/v Merengue again for teaching us the trick of throwing a whole thing of garlic straight on the gas-stove flames (or BBQ) for 10 minutes to give us perfectly roasted garlic. Garlic mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and a mouthwatering roast. Divine. The picture's blurry because I was so excited.

Today, we're hoping the sun will come out - it's a bit mixed at the moment - and would like to spend some time at the pool. Nope, don't miss snow at all...Enjoy your weekend and get ready for New Years!