Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hilly Hash

Yesterday's hash was near our neighborhood and included similar hills I torture myself with regularly. Michael could use a leg message, however. We started out at Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium in Bird Rock. It's got a really nice track.

You know, if Popcorn doesn't want to end up on my blog, then he has to stop wearing shirts like these.

We got our instructions and then headed down the street.

It was pretty easy initially with us walking past some really pretty houses (Pimple Hill? - um, not the most appealing name), into the cane fields, by a recently stripped & burned out car, past our cow pals, along the main road, and then...toward the hills.

And I mean hills. There were 3 to contend with and they were all killer.

They led us to some nice houses and great views though - when you weren't leaned over trying not to upchuck your breakfast. One of those houses had a sign outside that said Osterreichisches Consulate, which I believe is Austria's embassy (nice!). The white house is totally "our" style.

While I have to admit I felt pretty good on these steep babies, I was also happy to see the downhill.

Apparently the runners need a break every once in a while too.

Just before I made it to the bottom, I could hear some clippity cloppiting behind me (not to mention the sounds of cat toys) as Jingle Balls came up behind me. The rest of the runners weren't too far behind (Kat in front, of course).

Then we were back at the stadium where we were told we should do a lap before finishing up. Some did, some didn't. The surface was to die for; I absolutely had to run it. Even Steve and Thorne (2 rather large guys) kicked it into gear. Little Ella was exhausted but did her lap too.

You'll note the coach who was training some kids on the track was NOT pleased. He was on his phone screaming at someone to stop this steady, sweaty stream of people from wearily sauntering around his track. Chill out, mon!

We had the usual festivities as the sun set and then were happy to be 5 minutes from home and in a hot shower before anyone could say bed time. Although a bit iffy at the moment, we're hoping for a sunny beach day. Sure beats shoveling snow.