Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Pizza

So what have we been up to? Nothing. We had a weekend of doing nothing and enjoyed every minute of it. Interestingly, we got invited to a dinner party on Sunday and then never received directions to the persons house. Only in St. Kitts...It was just as well, since this allowed Michael to watch his football team (Eagles) blow their chance at the playoffs. There's always next year!

Michael did just bring home a brochure of a brand new place that just opened up down the street. It's a pizza place called Pizza Boys Bistro, but I couldn't help but go right to the picture of French fries and think - yay - a new place to try out some "chips." Of course, we'll give the pizza a shot too. They're pretty much right next to the Marriott who has their Pizza Shack, which makes one of the better thin-crust pizzas on the island, so we'll have to see what's different.

Actually, we did discover something different. You know how you pay a certain amount per topping (assuming you don't get a specialty pizza)? Well, you better watch yourself on this one. They actually charge you more per topping depending on how big a pizza you get (is this the norm anywhere else?). So if you order a small cheese pizza and ask for mushrooms - you'll pay $15EC (pizza) + $2.50 (topping). Not so bad right? Well, if you order a jumbo cheese pizza ($50EC) and want 2 extra toppings (at $12.50 each!!!), you'll pay a whopping $75EC ($28US: $10 of which is from the toppings alone - ouch!). Now to put it in perspective, a 24-piece (!!) jumbo cheese pizza is only $18US (which is only 78 cents a piece), but if you're not careful the bill could be a bit higher than expected. We'll stick with cheese and put our own toppings on, thank you. Can't wait to try it (and the fries!) out. Dinner date!