Saturday, January 29, 2011

Typical Night Out

Well, this isn't going to be the most exciting entry (I suppose that makes it typical), but it does sum up the way many spend their TGIFs on island. First we got invited to a sundowner at Peter's house.

Peter told me (yelled at me actually) that his son recently discovered my blog and I got the impression Peter's family was now giving him a hard time. Cut it out! You do know it's Popcorn's job to schmooze, be one with the people, and frequent the local businesses to assist the economy, right? He does that like a true professional (professional what, I'm not going to specify). Of course, this is the fine line I walk when doing this blog. It's my story I'm telling, but innocent (and I use that word figuratively) people end up with theirs entwined as well. Well, I don't think Peter's antics are much of a secret, so will plow ahead.

He lives on a hill that had quite a wind blowing. We were freezing! Thank goodness, Michael had his rain jacket in the car. Peter lent out his rugby shirts and hoped to see a girl-on-girl rugby match - but that didn't happen.

After a couple of beers, we headed to the Bamboo Lounge to say farewell to our Aussie pals, Rob & Suzy who are headed to Qatar next week for good. Whaa.

That's Jeremy on guitar, Nita and Rob on vocals, and Oscar on keyboard. They played together every Friday night before the clientele changed over, the DJ started spinning, and the jello shots ensued. We had a different "circuit" so never made it before tonight. We were surprised to learn that they were actually pretty good! Why is that we're always shocked when we discover our friends have talent?

After a beer there, we headed over to Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack, where for the 2nd night in a row, the Canadian band, The Apollo Effect, was performing before the usual act. Michael had gone on Thursday and had loved them, so I wanted to hear them too and am glad I went. When was the last time I heard a hand beaten drum, a tamborine...?

I thought they sounded like a cross between REM and U2. They definitely crossed generations and cultures - everyone at the bar enjoyed their hour-long gig. If they ever end up touring in your area, definitely check them out. Michael's so hooked he wants to become a groupy. We kept daring him to go up and have his chest signed or something, but he wouldn't do it. I think they're playing at Reggae Beach Bar today (Saturday) at 2, so if you're on the island, you might want to hear them for yourselves.

Local band KC-5 came on next and more joviality ensued. So much beer was consumed (collectively, not by us), that eventually the bar had to tap into the warm stash. That resulted in what Steve called his Kittitian beer koozy.

We were home by 10 and are ready for another hash (why Michael won't be at Reggae swooning over his new favorite band). We've been here for 2 years and haven't gotten bored yet!