Monday, January 3, 2011

Water Festivities

So yesterday we were invited out on one of the big catamarans for a potluck lunch and a day on the water. After weeding through over 350 carnival pictures, I had vowed not to take many on this trip and yet somehow I have 144...

I was actually feeling a lot better than I had been and the rain showers let up just in time for our sail, so we excitedly got on-board our floating chariot. The next thing we knew we were leaving the coast and headed out.

Of course, that meant the bar was open..

We were supposed to go to Nevis, but the cut/narrows was pretty rough (you should have seen the ocean!), so we snuck around to the southeast side of St. Kitts instead.

Time to lime.

We came across one of the wrecks from Hurricane Earl's wrath and the next thing we knew, we were mooring within swimming distance of it. Cool! I'm always amazed at how close to the cliffs we can get.

Of course, there was no way I was getting into that water (as it was I was in long pants), but Michael couldn't wait to doggy paddle to the wreckage.

Here are some pictures Michael took. We've got a few fish.

A fish-eye view of our boat.

Some underwater shots of the wreckage...Michael said he was amazed at the size of the anchor chain (no pic) and that despite its weight the boat dragged into the cliffs anyway. Well, all you have to do is remember back to Hurricane Earl and the incredible waves that came with it to realize the boat didn't have a chance. The guys who got off are really lucky to be alive.

Michael on the wreck.

Monkey Michael having a little too much fun on the rusty bucket (tetanus shot anyone?)

Time to get out. That's David.

Let's eat!

A moment to digest.

Then it was really time for fun. Put the sails up!! I suggested that they get an electric winch (3 guys to get the sail up?!) but they told me they'd be out of a job. Good point.

Our intrepid captain.

We were really flying along (remember it was very windy), with the captain guessing we were going about 15 knots. Wheeeeeeee!

Me the way I usually look with camera in face.

A rare shot of me without the camera (sort of).

As we passed the wreck, you could see that the poor thing had been cut in half!

We headed for White House Bay where there were 4 or 5 whamba motoryachts. I used to hate it when powerboats would motor close to and around us for fun, so really enjoyed it when we tacked in and out of these guys trying to get as close as possible. Heh, heh. big-smile

In this case, the yacht was leaving, so we were two ships passing...

I was a big fan of this one with the helicopter. I love us all just staring at it like we're at a zoo or something (I'll bet the folks on the boat were a bit perturbed). waving

Steve, did you look it up? We were both soooooo off. White Cloud is 213 feet (65m)!!

This one had all kinds of toys. The "little" blue boat on third floor of this yacht was worth a million alone.

Then it was time to head back. More liming.

Of course, always a little dancing (Macky and wife). Good music by the way, and at a tasteful volume (thank you!).

We were hoping for a good sunset and maybe a green flash, but there was still too much moisture in the air. Pretty anyway, of course. The car ferry passing by...

Then it was time to take the sails down and the party was over. Well, for some of us, I think others kept it going at Spice Mill.

Today (Monday) is a day off for all of us, but I think everyone is planning to hit the various beaches (weather permitting) and stay low-key. I'm in!

Here's a good write-up of the Saturday's Carnival events. You'll note that the thing went on until 9pm (it started around 1pm) - holy crap! Oh, and another thing - The song we were haunted by throughout the entire parade was called the Rum Song. You must put it at full volume and put your ear next to the speaker to get the full affect. Picture doing this for 4 hours. The article says the Last Lap is Tuesday the 3rd, but of course today (Monday) is the 3rd. We'll see if we can resist the draw of the final hoopla. Happy New Year!!