Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weird Day - Movies & Deer

So yesterday was a rather weird day. The St. Kitts Department of Culture (Facebook page) is having a free Caribbean Cinema festival all week. They're showing up to 47 movies - for free! - made by Caribbean people about Caribbean countries. Here are the movie trailers. The day movies are upstairs at MaPau Casino, or more specifically Sweet Lime's lounge room. We've been to this room before for Island Xpressions Poetry night (very fun) and it's still just as strange. The evening movies are at a new restaurant called Copper Chimney at the Royal St. Kitts (across from the Marriott).

Here's what Sweet Lime looks like from the outside. Plus there were 2 huge cruise ships just outside their front door.

Upstairs has nice seating - and of course the lounge.

Tina and I made a last minute decision to go to an afternoon showing with movies about Colombia and Barbados. It would have been a bit more pleasant had we not had the noise from the kitchen competing with the movie, but was certainly an interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Both movies had happy endings, so we left feeling feeling cheery. And cold - we would have stayed for the next showing but needed to thaw out. Next time we'll bring our cinema layers. Friday & Saturday will be movies for kids - again free - so take advantage of them.

There were only 3 other people in the room, but that just made us feel special. It was definitely nice to do something out of the ordinary and to take advantage of the efforts the Department of Culture made to bring them to us.

Michael had an even weirder day when he had to deal with a wounded baby doe. Yes, doe a deer, a female deer. Bambi, no less. Poor little baby was hit by a car.

I've mentioned spotting deer before, but this time we have proof that they're here. Unfortunately, this was a rather crappy way of coming up with it. Michael ended up bringing the animal to Ross University for a quick check. As it turned out, folks in Nevis had just suggested trying to test deer to see if they matched the DNA from those in the States. The Ross crowd took some hair samples and then gave the 4-6 week old fawn back to Michael for another drive down the peninsula to release it and hope the mommy would come back for her....before she gets hit again or gets eaten by a local...

So Michael set her down and was just getting ready to take a picture when she leaped up faster than lightening and took off into the brush. So picture deer here:

This is on top of the fact that Michael had close encounters with 3 trapped monkeys the other day. He saw them all in a cage (that didn't belong where it was) and walked up to a little guy who was holding his hand out to him. They held hands, while the monkey looked pleadingly at Michael, which resulted in some tears and a release. The monkey he bonded with ran, but turned around, sat up, looked at Michael, and then walked on. Why can't people see the humane side of animals as well as tap more into the humane side of themselves?

Anyway, add cow wrangling - where Michael helped round up about 10 cows for relocation (although they're still looking for a 3-legged bovine - I kid you not) and turtle releasing (when he finds confused little babies flailing around on the beach) and you have to wonder if Michael's becoming the animal/reptile guardian of the southeast peninsula. Go Mikey!