Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chirp (It's time for Cricket)

So let's see. Yesterday, Michael went with Tina and Ron to the Saturday produce market downtown. We just never have a lot of luck down there, so he was hoping that these two who go there regularly might be able to shed some light on how to make it work for us. He was introduced to a woman who had lots of basil for $3 (pesto for dinner!) and got some local eggs. Annoyingly, they cost the same as imported, but the chickens are treated a bit better (certainly no hormones) and the eggs are bigger. I still miss variety...just a decent orange.

Then we decided to check out the cricket game going on at Warner Park downtown. The matches between the Leeward Islands and the England Lions started Friday and will continue through Monday. I think there were more people on the field than in the stands.

I think the low attendance was thanks to absolutely no marketing about the event (I Googled the heck out of Warner Park and couldn't even find any contact information). It was on my calendar though. It also cost $10US/$20EC to get in, so that would keep out a # of folks too. It was worth it just to do something different. These matches were a bit different than the test matches we watched last year, but most of what we learned about the game still held true. I still love the the scoreboard with the people inside changing the numbers.

There were actually 2 scoreboards - neither matching most of the time. We never did know the final day's score for both teams.

There are two types of pitches, an underhanded (softball-type) and a wild, run a mile before you toss it. Most of the English pitchers chose the wild one. Look how far back they'd start before running full speed ahead to throw the thing at the ground for a bounce.

Jeez, it took more time for the pitcher to set up and throw the ball than it did for the batter to swing and miss. Then the fielders would leisurely get the ball, toss the ball to someone else, rub the ball against their pants, give it to the pitcher who would also rub the ball all over his pants, and then head to his spot waaaaay into the field to start again. It was so exhausting, that at around 2:45 it was time for crumpets and tea (I'm not kidding). So while the cricket players were in doing that, we were partaking in our own sustenance. Round 1...Round 2...

Guys on the field came out and remeasured things and did whatever it is you do for these events. That heavy roller was their version of the Zamboni. The guards then stood watch until the cow bell was rung again 15 minutes later and the teams returned.

By 5, the match was done for the day and it was time for us to seek out dinner. We ended up driving down the Peninsula to Shipwreck. We didn't even need a menu - 2 soft veggie tacos and some extra crispy fries, please! Yum-my.

That was a good enough day for us and we were back at home in our jammies early. I ran my 10 miles for the first time in 3 months (I've been taking short hill runs instead) at 6 this morning and am wondering why I thought that would be a good idea. My aching legs and back - oy! It'll be worth it though when we're scarfing down pizzas made in our pal's wood-fired oven during the Super Bowl.