Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ladies? in Red

Well, I can't believe I almost missed this. Saturday was the annual Red Dress Hash in honor of Valentine's Day. The hare/person setting yesterday's hash always makes them really difficult (and thorny) - one year a hiker ended up getting stitches in his arm - and I really wasn't feeling like dealing with it, but decided to suck it up. I ended up with over 175 pictures to wade through this morning...

So we started at The GodFather on S Friar's beach. Although I know about a dozen people that skipped this hash for the same reasons I was about to, we ended up with an impressive turnout. Even better was that so many people got into the spirit and dressed up.

Michael getting a little too into it. With that kind of cleavage, I doubt anyone would have given him that $10EC. Seriously, gross.

Of course, he couldn't forget his jingle balls.

A few friends with some really strange clothes in their wardrobe.

Let the competition begin. Kids first. I suppose, unsurprisingly the adults were more into the dress up than the kids, but a couple of munchkins got out there and strutted their stuff. These two are siblings and Sarah was not happy about her brother borrowing her clothes. He did look cute though.

One pooch.


The other "ladies." This was truly hysterical. It's nice to see these macho dudes get in touch with their feminine sides.

Ok, enough hilarity, time to get our hike on. Hike up your skirts and let's get moving. The runners took off in one direction and the walkers wandered aimlessly with no idea where to go. Eventually, we just took off down the road without a clue. This took us past few beach bars that I had never seen open until now.

This restaurant, Carambola, has been being built for years and years and years. It's also been discussed in all the island guides for years as if it's open for business - but it's not, nor has it been.

Look at this red sea of hashers. On! On!

We made our way to the main road and had yet to see any ties, but headed toward Frigate Bay until we saw some. We noticed some ribbons on the N Friar's Bay side bushes, so figured we probably should have been on that beach at some point, but missed it. Oh well.

Next up was Timothy Hill. Steep Timothy Hill that many islanders run/walk up/down for exercise. Going up!

More up - look how long this conga line goes on.

Ooh, another road up to the tippy top! I had been wanting to go up to the water tower for some time now, but knew it was steep and could never bring myself to add it to my workout. Today was my chance.

I was surprised to see the runners already coming up behind us - you can see little bits of red on the right-hand side of the beach. Although they did end up eventually running/walking up to the water tower, they had to go all the way to The Strip and back first. Better them than us.

I was actually feeling pretty good and was giving encouragement to a panting 10 year old (don't let the old people catch up!) and finally made it to the water tower. Yahoo!

Oooh - look at the views.

Here there was more head scratching as we lost sight of any ties. We knew wherever we found them it would be ugly, because the only way down would be very steep and trail-less. Any ties here? Nope.

Some people ASSumed that we'd be heading down at this point, so just started back to home-base (these guys would be short-cutting bastards in hash-speak). The rest of us determined hounds, however, eventually picked up the trail going further up (!!). This part got thorny and had a lot of loose rocks hidden in high grass. Careful!

Finally we couldn't go any higher. You'd think we'd all by giddy upon learning we would now be heading down, but nooOOooOOoo. It was still steep, still thorny, and still rocky, only now we had the forward motion heading south. Oy, our knees.

I've been told that the Australian version of this involves not only everyone in dresses, but everyone without under garments. Eew. I would not have wanted to be snapping photos of those bits. We got about 1/2 way down and I stopped to take a picture (another one) and ruined Denise's momentum. She ended up falling on her tuckus. oops Good thing I happened to have my camera out! devil BTW, I asked her if she minded me posting evidence of her plop, and she gave me the thumbs up, I'm not completely evil.

At this point, it became everyone for themselves with people looking for the easiest route down.


Hrmph - people sipping champagne taking in the coastline completely unaware of the suffering occurring on the hillside.

The rocks turned into boulders. Are you frickin' kidding me??

These poor people still had to come down, but I was doing a jig at the bottom glad to be finished, relatively unscathed. Chicken Dance

Relatively - I had lots of scratches.

I decided to emulate Peter/Popcorn (one of those short-cutting you-know-whats) and rinse my wounds in the salt water (oooowwwwweeeeee!).

The rest of the walkers started to trickle in.

Soon the runners began to return too. Here's Mr. X jogging in. Quite pleased to be finished.

Soaking his wounds too (oooooowwwweeee).

Michael catching his breath, albeit in a rather unladylike pose.

Note the $10 is gone. I'm not sure I would have wanted to be a vendor on the receiving end of that thing anyway. Anyone wanting to find a sweaty $10EC bill need only to follow the sawdust! Here are a few pictures from the runners point-of-view:

Next up, food and beverages.

Of course, it was then time for the winners of the red dress contest. One guy had already undressed, so was ordered to at least put his bro back on. We really are weird.

Then the down downs for the hash setter(s), virgins, short cutters, and various other offending activities began. You'll note that Viking John had to sit in a pool of cold beer for setting such a shi**y hash. The hasher pouring beer from above was doing what we all wanted to do.

That was that. Time to go home and take a shower!

The next hash will be a St. Patty's day hash, so we'll have to start looking for something green to wear. We also have to redo the Bloody Point Trail because a blog reader just told us that there was supposed to be a rope on that big boulder to lift us up and over, allowing us to walk on to a bat cave. What??!! Put that back on our list! Thanks for the heads up!

AND!! If that's not enough, skydiving is coming to St. Kitts. We were all excited to take pictures of someone coming down on Saturday morning, but they were late. Then we were told that everyone had been late in their drops all week. Hmm, guess they got into the island mentality right from the get-go. Well better safe than sorry, I guess. There is a video of one of jumps so let's enjoy, shall we?

We did this in Tucson, AZ but just might have to make the leap again.

Here's another fun video of a "flash mob" that happened last week in downtown Basseterre. There's a group called LEAP (The Learning & Empowerment Through the Arts Program) that promotes dancing and other artistic endeavors. They started a "spontaneous" dance in the street that was fun to watch. You'll have to belong to Facebook for that link to work. Get the newscaster though. We laugh every time we watch the local news and this guy happens to be the one at the desk. He's so darn stiff - no matter what he's talking about. Jeez - loosen up!!

It's been a busy week in St. Kitts!