Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Bowl

So I was finally able to get the pictures of the Super Bowl party off of Michael's camera. It takes a lot of wood to get the oven hot enough to do its thing, so if you're going to fire it up, you have to make it worth your while. Check out how many potential pizzas we had to start with - there was another tray outside and I think more dough showed up later as well.

Charlie got into the pizza-making spirit and got the first cheese pizza in the oven. Others soon got into the spirit and kept 'em coming.

Michael being a Cheesehead (Wisconsin was playing, you know - although he was rooting for the Steelers).

While they were outside doing their thing, there were appetizers inside. You'll note Bono (the cat) and Princess (pooch) sneaking up on the grub.

Not that any extra food was necessary. Despite the fact that there were only 10 of us plus kids, all 30+ pies were whipped up. Apparently Charlie & Nat got on a roll and couldn't stop themselves. This is what had to be doled out to everyone at the end of the night. It's been almost a week now and Michael's still making his way through our share.

Incredibly, despite all that, some people still had room for some frozen pie that Kathy brought. I can't remember the name of the thing but it is still being talked about irreverently. I didn't have any, and after hearing what was in it was glad (butter, cream, butter, bananas, butter, butter...).

It might be a bit before we all eat pizza again. This also explains why I'm running down the Peninsula before sun-up again...