Friday, March 4, 2011

Health & Crime

Well, it looks like another hospital is going to be built here, a joint venture between American Hospital Management Company and the Royal St. Kitts Beach Resort (Marriott). Glad to hear it. I think other developers have been debating establishing clinics, and probably should continue to consider that option. Can you really have too many, especially if they offer better care than what is currently available? What I think is weird though is that these 2 companies are looking at the venture from a "medical tourism" aspect. Who in the world would travel to St. Kitts for cardiac care? Particularly since we most certainly know that such a thing won't come cheap. Now cosmetic surgery? That one has possibilities. I'd be happy to try it out and give you a review.

Personally, I'm still waiting for the government to do something about the crime. Put some cops down at The Strip at night, seriously!! Yesterday we heard from a tourist who had been robbed at gunpoint outside Cathy's (sometime after 10pm on Wednesday). The hooligans got away with it, which means they'll be back. To put this in perspective, thousands of people go to The Strip each week, locals and tourists alike un-accosted, but still...There needs to be some police presence in this area. UPDATE: SKNVibes actually reported on this crime.

Until such a thing happens (and pigs fly), all I can say is be careful out there folks. Don't carry more on you than you want to lose, consider hiding your stuff in a pouch located in an offbeat location on your bod, stay with crowds, and consider taking a taxi even if you've got a short distance to go. Cell phones seem to be a big grab item - I'd back up your stuff if such a thing is possible so it's not catastrophic if you lose it or have it stolen. I'd get any pictures off your camera as soon as possible too (upload them to a website or something so you don't lose a whole trip's worth of photos). Don't be paranoid, but be alert and report anything to the bar owners, hotel, and police (for what it's worth). There is a police outpost located near the Marriott (although it's usually staffed by 1 person at night who can't leave the station unattended and tends to keep the door locked...). Sh** happens. All you can do is mitigate the damage should such sh** happen to you.