Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Well, believe it or not, kites were a-flying yesterday. As soon as the sweltering sun started to set, adults and kids alike came out in droves and ran around like maniacs trying to get some wind going. Good job guys!

We also had a spectacular sunset. Very soothing.

The final preps are being made for the big 10th Anniversary Celebration at the Shiggidy Shack, with very old signs being recycled for the occasion. 20011? Nothing a little tweaking couldn't fix.

If only the same could be said for the t-shirt with "tournement" on it and the big banner saying "Celebation." Sheesh. Gonna be a long day today, so let's hope things fall into place. There is only so much planning you can do on a laid-back island...

Wonder if the crew from the Maltese Falcon will come and participate? Check out this beautiful yacht. Look how tiny that other monohull looks next to it!

What it looks like with the sails up (per OutboardMotorOilBlog):

Michael did take a few shots of the scorched earth down by Banana Bay/Major's Bay. Yep, looks like burned stuff.

This one was funny though. That cleared spot is a lot that an owner has been painstakingly surrounding with little boulders for a looooong time. Well, it worked to keep the fire out!

Completely unrelated...I hate it when this happens:

I opened the pot cabinet and a lid came flying out. It didn't even fall one foot and yet the glass shattered everywhere! %^@($! very-angry-1 Of course, we can't just run out and get another one. Sigh. When I wish there was a box store nearby...This is definitely going to hamper our popcorn making abilities. crying-into-tissue