Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mother Nature & Misc

Well, thanks to blog reader Richard, from a less tropical Canadian island, for alerting me to another site I can now get addicted to (I swear I have a life outside this computer). He sent me a link to an earthquake incident map (among other incidents - like fires and gang activity). It was really interesting to see how many tremors there are around the globe in one day.

Also quite unnerving if you live on the west coast of the U.S. I wonder if I decorated hard hats if they could become the next new accessory in earthquake prone areas. Just think, I could make a fortune! What's scarier at the moment though are all those tornadoes hitting various states in the U.S. Wow and summer's not even here yet!

Back on St. Kitts, some Kittitians marched in the streets yesterday to protest the high cost of living in the country, corruption and mismanagement. Well, that's how the organizer described it. The PM called it an attempt to destabilize the country. Well, either way, when I ran across it downtown, there were about 100 people in the streets, more on the sidelines. I didn't hear too many hecklers and thought the participants handled themselves well.

A few guys were carrying around a casket. I did get a picture of it when they opened it for us, but I accidentally deleted the frickin' thing!!!! I'm still cursing about it. Anyway, inside was a female mannequin with a sign on her. I couldn't get close enough to get the details.

Here are a few more pictures of the event. Crime was another thing they were marching against. Now that's something everyone can get behind. Unfortunately, my Crime page has been quite active. Incredibly, the PM really doesn't get it (hence the march). I could not believe it when I read that he called the criminal events of the past two weeks an "abnormal aberration." Really? Then how does he explain the 2 weeks before that? And the two before that? And.... Jeez.

Well, the sun's back out and I think we'll go out and enjoy it. Next weekend is Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack 10th Anniversary celebration, including a fishing tournament (forms), triathlon, hash, local bands, buffet, and even fireworks! I've been helping out on that, so look forward to just joining in the celebrations. Hope some of you can make it too!

X has started training to do the swim and run portions, Mungu from the Shack will take on the biking part. I think Michael was also sucked into doing the biking portion for another team (he'll have to borrow the bike). That should be interesting.

So stay tuned.