Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parle Vous Francais?

So I got a call from someone new who discovered the blog and asked if I'd give the Alliance Francaise organization a shout out. I always have their events on my calendar, but I don't think anyone's using the darn thing, so I'll give them a little more of a plug here.

This is a fun organization that has offered everything from gallery showings, to food experimenting, to wine tasting, to free movies, to concerts. They've been here in St. Kitts for over 12 years and, per their website, offer: Classes for Children and Adults, Library facilities, French television, and Movies in French. In addition they prepare teachers for the European Diploma in French, provide Scholarships for overseas study in Guadeloupe and Paris and assist with student exchanges to Guadeloupe and Paris.

As you can see from their schedule of activities for April, they just had a children's Easter camp that sounded like fun.

Tonight is a wine tasting at Hidden Spirits (located between the Marriott and The Strip in Frigate Bay) and tomorrow they're hosting a concert at the Marriott with artists all the way from Africa. If you go to both events, you can save $10 by buying ahead.

Here are the bios of the two artists performing tomorrow night.

It's nice to have something different to do on island, other than the usual beach bars, and it's important to support the events held by not only organizations like these, but the Ministry of Culture, Positively Inclined/Island Xpressions, and groups like LEAP (Facebook Page). If we're sick of the crime here (a rape now?!), then we need to give the kids something more to do than hang out on the corner. Come and show the people trying to change things for the better some love!