Monday, April 11, 2011

How Many People does it Take to Open a Beer?

Now, I have to admit that things have gotten a little ho hum lately. Michael was working a lot of hours for an event that has come and gone and I've been in contract negotiations for a book I wrote about our sailing adventures. That said, this is also what our lives have come to.

What is happening here? The bucket of beer did not come with a bottle opener and Michael could not figure out how to use one bottle to open another, something everyone else at the table was quite adept at. This led to a bottle opening lesson. Of course, everyone had their own method and had to show Michael the "right" way.

Michael never did get it...I give him credit for not using his teeth.

Then it was time to watch for a green flash.

Wait for it...

Well, it did turn a bit green-ish once it got to a little sliver, but not as good as I've seen it in the past. Amazingly, in all our years sailing we never saw the elusive phenomenon, but about 2 months ago finally saw one that was undisputed - everyone on the beach was moaning that they hadn't had their cameras out. Our pals on Merengue have caught a couple on film, so if you think they're a myth - observe.

I've had fun lately meeting a couple of Canadian blog readers and long-time St. Kitt's visitors over the past two months. This week, I met Jilly and enjoyed talking to her face to face. Of course, she's on vacation and I wanted to go running the next day, so I called it an early night and left Michael and others to complete their night of debauchery at the Shack.

For our day at our usual beach, we saw several guys fishing, which was a first. While they had fishing rods, one guy was more successful just using a can and some fishing wire. He only caught a bunch of small white fish, but that was more than the guys with the big poles (so to speak).

The water was a bit colder than last week, but really green, and amazingly clear (as always). I doubt the picture does it justice.

We then ran into friends we hadn't seen in about a month (having our latest hash canceled threw off everyone's social life) and talked and talked until it was time to pack it up. Michael & I are both burnt to a crisp (front & back). The only publicly seen place on my body not red is where my sunglasses were. A-tract-ive...Jeez. I think it's pretty clear that our new suntan lotion does NOT work. OUCH! sunburn-2

So that's it. We are looking to get off island for a couple of short trips this summer, but need to find some new things to do to stave off boredom. Our pal Tina has suggested a Tuesday outing each week, so we'll see what we can come up with. This week, the contract negotiation is back in my court, so I have to focus on that, but hopefully next Tuesday we'll do something I can write about.