Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uh Oh

Ok, so first I found out that I might be running for a team in a triathlon. I'm not sure how that misunderstanding took hold, but I ran 5K this morning just to see what that felt like. I run further than that on my usual workouts, but I was curious as to how I'd have to pace myself for 3 miles. I felt pretty good and was quite pleased to see my Wednesday workout buddy right behind me - high fives all around! high-five

Then I (Jingle Boobs) offered to help Popcorn (Peter) and Doggy Style (Laura) set the hash for Saturday, so headed out with a pair of pruners and a saw to get rid of nasty branches along the way. I must say upfront - I did not come up with the hash route. It's a lot like the Valentine's Day Red Dress Hash and there was a lot of whining about that, including from me. I apologize in advance (for the whining and the trail), but again - this is not my fault. I simply tied the yellow ribbons around the old thorny acacia trees...

It started out pleasantly enough with us passing through the Ocean's Edge property. Yep, I could live here.

And then we went up

Clipping along the way.

I'll keep the vista shots for the big day Saturday, since I'll have to lead the group then while Popcorn picks up the rear and Doggy Style takes on the runners (hmm, there's an unintentional pun in there...). You do need to see these two though as we got to the top and saw the massive fire that's taken over part of the southeast peninsula. See how calm the water is? Good thing it wasn't windy today or that fire would have been much worse.

It started near a construction site in Banana Bay and then went around to Major's Bay and has been circling upward all day. It's big enough that the fire department even showed up and started a fire as a fire break to keep the flames from heading toward the Spice Mill. So far so good. We can smell the fire from our house and our eyes are burning (and can't blame the annoying landfill fires for that) so can only hope we don't wake up to bad news in the morning. Nevis Pages went nuts with some more pictures.

We also took a moment to admire a rather nice monohull. Look at the toys behind it - two little sailboats, jet skies, rafts, etc. etc. etc. Again, look at how calm the water is. No...air...

Did I mention we were going up?

And then we were going down.

and down...

Oy, my knees. My quadriceps. Ow!!! And then we were there! A happy couple with very thirsty pooches at the bottom. Hurray!

Now we just have to do it one more time! At least it leads back to the Shiggidy Shack. On Saturday there will be all kinds of mayhem going on there, so I hope they have enough ice cold beverages...and ice packs...and ibuprofen...and....hydrogen peroxide and...