Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leatherbacks, Sandy Bank Structure, Pillow Fights

Lots of mishmash going on. First we went to Popcorn's for his occasional Friday-night happy hour. I left my camera in the car thinking you'd seen enough pictures of people standing around drinking, when Popcorn surprised me by standing on a beer carton and making a speech. ??!!! He has officially retired from his British Consulate job and is quite pleased to be handing off the responsibilities to Sarah from Shipwreck. Congratulations Sarah! Where I was ticked I didn't have my camera was when someone just happened to have a hat with a rubber chicken attached to it and put it on Sarah's head and told her that she expected Sarah to wear it for all official consulate functions. Sebastian from Silver Reef took some photos, so if he forwards them to me, I'll post them so you know what to expect should you need Sarah's services...

Michael continued partying long after I'd had enough and actually witnessed a huge leatherback turtle come up to lay eggs right in front of Ziggy's. Talk about bad timing (for the turtle) - a Friday night on the Strip? [UPDATE - A few pics/details of the event)

(Photo from - Mike didn't want to disturb the turtle with flashes)

Needless to say, lots of people were crowding the poor girl. Out of nowhere, Michael said some gruff military guys showed up and forced everyone back, putting police tape around the grunting turtle. Hope she was able to do her deed and that the eggs have a chance to hatch without someone digging them up for dinner.

Yesterday, was a pleasantly low-key day, but I could not believe we missed International Pillow Fight Day (April 2nd). Over 100 cities around the world took part in this levity.

(Picture from Sun Media)

We are so organizing that event next year. I realize a perfectly good pillow will be brutalized during this insanity and it'll be like cleaning up after a ticker-tape parade, but how much fun would this be??

Then I thought someone slipped into our bathroom shooting, only to discover our shower covered in foam. ??!!

Turned out the shaving cream can exploded. That was a bit weird. Too hot?

We would have liked to have watched the sun go down from our patio, but our zero-gravity chairs have had enough. They started looking like this less than a year after we bought them from Brookstone. Jeez. Before....After.

That Caribbean sun is brutal (my ever wrinkling face is a testament to that!) . Since apparently the chair fairy isn't going to come along and recover them, and the frames are rusting as well, I guess we should just dump the poor things. Hrmph. A plain plastic white chair (the kind you pay $5 for at Walmart in the U.S.) costs $30US here so there will be no replacing these two with anything. It'll be getting buggy soon anyway, so no worries.

And then...paradise.

The beach is definitely back. The water was so far out and so shallow it was actually, dare I say, warm. Well, warmish. Pretty good for the beginning of April. Of course, warm waters this early really don't really bode well for the hurricane season and, in fact, predictions are for a more active than usual season this year (hrmph). The water was also really clear on both sides of the peninsula as we headed to Sandy Bank. You can really see how blue the water is, as well as see the reef behind Michael there.

The Beach Club is certainly coming along. They've tiled the roof since the last time we were there.

Also got a little tiki hut (or palapa) going on. Makes me want to put my coconut bra on (well, a coconut bra - I don't actually have one, but if I did...).

The pool is in, but has a bit more work to go on it. Still pretty cool though.

And that's it. Another weekend gone. Hrmph. Definitely feeling yoga though.