Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bye. Sniffle

Well, we had our last night out at The Dock with Charlie & Tanya (well, until they come and visit again). For those of you receiving this by auto email, I'm not sure you'll see the pictures as I had to upload them differently than usual due to Blogger issues. If you're not seeing anything - go directly to the blog page)

The happy (?) couple

3 of this bunch (in the middle) belong to the departing clan. Wait until they figure out they have to wear shoes everywhere now.

Lots of photo ops as we talked about where we'd meet up next - Barbados marathon?

Michael played shutterbug for the evening and got so into it, we even have a picture of him the bathroom. Um, thanks?

Well, we hope the 5 of them and their 2 island kitties have a good trip and can't wait to hear how Seanessy liked the taste of his first snowflake.

Bye Guys!