Friday, July 29, 2011

Quiet Week

Well, it's been a rather quiet week. One of Michael's contractors was helping another contractor on a salt pond when their excavator started sinking. AACK! The driver was smart enough to hurry up and put his scoop down to stop the machine from going any farther down, but there aren't a whole lot of options to get him out. They were making some headway earlier in the week using some kind of towing device, but the main "cord" snapped and another one is far away on St. Martin (and weighs 400 pounds). They've been terrified of rain as they do NOT need the pond to get any deeper while they continue to brainstorm to get this thing onto dry land. That's why I was watching the weather so closely. They got really lucky, considering islands south of us (particularly Dominica) got so much rain a dam collapsed, partially destroying a bridge and flooding some homes. Our force-field held and we had nothing but an occasional stormy sky and a few rainbows.

We've got a 4-day weekend as St. Kitts/Nevis celebrates Emancipation Day on Monday and Culturama on Tuesday. Hopefully it'll be nice and sunny for whatever celebrations are planned (I know Nevis has a bunch of Culturama competitions going on). The St Kitts Sailing School (at Reggae Beach Bar) is having a Hobie Cat Family Race Day on Saturday morning. We may be doing a volcano hike. Not sure. I do know there will be some beach time fit in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, we keep an eye on the 1st #d storm for the season that's developed to the east of us. The National Hurricane Center drew a nice big orange circle around it this morning. I have to say that it doesn't look like much at the moment though. May the vortex force continue and keep that thing off of us (and away from the other islands too). It's still too early for tracking models to be accurate, so I'll ignore the lines crossing our island for now (sort of). It's likely to reach hurricane status, so we'll soon be watching Hurricane Emily swirling menacingly toward somebody(ies). The last Hurricane Emily, in 2005, turned out to be a Cat 5, terrorizing Grenada and Mexico. Should Emily II aim for us, I'd say those boys have less than a week to get that excavator out of the pond before it becomes a permanent resident (and reef for the fishes - the pond does have ocean access and critters in it).