Sunday, July 3, 2011


So Thursday, we had a beer after our long work day and ended up there a bit longer than planned. Shocking. We had to laugh when Thorne stood next to Popcorn. If Peter ever needs a body guard, he knows who to call.

Friday, we gave our livers a break and stayed in. While we didn't drink, we did pig-out, testing out one of our St Martin-bought fake "meatloaf," mashed potatoes and green beans (canned, as we couldn't find fresh ones - sigh). It was delicious, but I think I'm still full. Saturday's excitement was me getting stung by my 1st centipede! I went looking for the cats and found them under the bed staring at the post. I moved the bed and sure enough, out squirmed a centipede. I usually try to catch and release just about anything (even just sweep out ants), so I was trying to be nice when I picked it up in a wad of toilet paper, figuring I'd throw it outside (and retrieve the toilet paper once it had been vacated). But nooooo. The thing was so long, that it reached around the t.p. and stung me on the index finger. I dropped it of course, but the cats corralled it again for me. Mr. Centipede ended up being flushed down the toilet. As far as the sting, it really wasn't too bad. It felt like having a splinter for about 10 minutes and looked like I had been pricked with a needle. At least now I know I'm not allergic to the things. Not that I'd like to be stung again...

So after being inundated with rain (with some thunder & lightning) since Thursday night, we were expecting to have a more sunny than cloudy day today, but it was not meant to be. This has been one stubborn tropical wave. Move off already! Here it comes!

Here it is!

Run for the car! The sun did come back for about 1/2 hour, but it disappeared again with no hope of a quick return. Boo. Luckily, we live here and can just try again next weekend. A look back at the peninsula as we drove home. Bleh.

As a matter of fact, once we pulled up to the house, it really started pouring. Michael getting ready to brave a run for the door.

So let's hope for a clear Monday so we can enjoy some 4th of July fireworks at the Shiggidy Shack. Wahoo!