Monday, August 15, 2011


Today included some thunder and some rain. All from a system that all the forecasters had said was kapoot. A few caught onto its comeback but thought it'd hit everyone Tuesday. Then part of it (the storm is multi-faceted) crossed the islands south of us this morning and us this afternoon. I have to say, that the forecasters seem to be really stumped this year with all the storms so far. There seems to be varying conditions out there, with dry air but warm waters that are throwing everyone off. I know the islands south of us are waterlogged, but if these thunderstorms were all we got all summer, I think we'd all take it.

It seems someone has caught onto the draw of exercise on the beach. On Saturday, August 27th, Fitness Plus is having a beach workout near the Shiggidy Shack at 7am. While they're charging $15EC like Don at Elvis's, the fee includes: water, gatorade and a light snack after your workout. Cool. I might just have to check it out. I'm like a moth to a flame...

Speaking of inflation, I have to grumble a bit here. We're trying to join friends for a marathon in Barbados in December. Just the airline taxes alone are making such a trip difficult. Right now, without the increase in the airport departure tax, a flight to Barbados includes $76.80 in taxes. Ok, I can live with that. The same flight back to St. Kitts includes taxes of $244.18. I repeat, that's just taxes!!!! If that's not enough, the departure tax for St. Kitts is going up (to $37US/pp) and LIAT (the only airline we can take from here) has just implemented a new fuel charge (starting today - at $20US each way/pp to Barbados). Add in any baggage fees and I wonder if we'll ever go anywhere again. I'd pine for our boat, but there was never any guarantee the weather would cooperate to meet travel deadlines anyway. I love St. Kitts, but sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. Yes, please.