Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ms. Emily

We actually had a few hours of sun yesterday, before the newly named Tropical Storm Emily elongated and clipped us with her northern edge. We prepared by closing 2 extra windows (they hadn't been shut in almost a year). The winds picked up (probably gusting into the 30s) and then the power went out. A drop of rain hadn't even touched ground yet (around 7). Twenty minutes, current was back. An hour later, with barely a pitter patter on the roof, the power was gone again. An hour later it was back. Sheesh. Once the storm hit in earnest the electricity managed to stay on - go figure. Anyway, it rained quite a bit overall, but we've had harder downpours just about every night for a month, so wouldn't say this was a big deal. Other than the annoying drone of the next-door generator, it was a rather quiet storm too. It's still dreary this morning, with just enough drip to keep me from working out. A pretty cool breeze, too. We'll head out later and see what's what. Looks like Martinique is still getting walloped and Dominica took a hit they didn't need as well. Now those to the west of us have to worry. Let's hope the mountains of Hispaniola tear the thing up before it does any damage.

It's obvious from the satellite that there are blobs in the wings, so we'll take time today to clean out closets, put our important crap together, and make sure we're prepared should the island get targeted before the season's out. Our place is pretty tucked in and constructed solidly, but a roof can come off, windows can break, so we'll just make sure stuff we don't want to be ruined won't be. Luckily, we don't have much. You know, I think Michael should get a redo on his holiday days (today is Culturama Day).

Update: We did take a quick look around and it pretty much looks like it did yesterday. White capping ocean, windy on that side too, calmer seas on the Caribbean side (there's even a freighter taking shelter in White House Bay), although a bit swelly by The Strip (and probably Shipwreck). No flooding anywhere, not even much sitting water in the usual spots. We had enough sun this morning to get some laundry dried, but clouds have moved in again - about the same time as yesterday, so maybe it'll clear up by 2pm like it did yesterday too.

How about this for your oasis moment?