Thursday, August 18, 2011

Operation Future/RAGS Anti-Gang Concert

You might remember that I did a blog entry a while back talking about groups that do good on the island. A follow-up post added Operation Future, and they've got a bunch of folks from Canada coming in for a conference to fire up the troops.  The Regina Anti-Gang Service (RAGS) is a Canadian anti-gang organization that works in conjunction with local police forces and the justice department and will be represented at the conference as well. They want to video Federation youth willing to tell their stories and reach out to them via this concert on Monday night (22 August).  Anyone with kids (or anyone who knows a former or current gang member) should seriously urge them to attend this event. Get the word out. I have an email from the organizers with all kinds of attachments if you want them too so just email me via the Contact button.