Friday, August 26, 2011

Weather and Waves

Where is this swell coming from? The south beaches have had higher waves the past couple of days than we had during then Tropical Storm Irene.

I don't know if the water's higher up or took sand out, but it seems really shallow out there too.

The Strip/Frigate Bay beach may have lost some if its width, but at least the rocks haven't come back.

Hey looky there – it's the Amazing Blazing Fireman!

How about Hurricane Irene, eh? Just about everyone I know in the U.S. is being affected by this thing. I can't even imagine being in NYC during such an event. As it is, a relative is having an extended vacation in Disney World because the trains have been shut down! It's been rather depressing watching the Bahamas get abused; let's hope the US East coast can take what's coming. Hang on everybody!