Monday, September 12, 2011

Are We Done Yet????

Are you sick of looking at radar pictures? I know I am. But look at these things. There hasn't been much difference in the picture in almost an 24 hours (36 really). The one on the right was this morning at 5:30am EST.

Every time it looks like the blob on the left is dissipating, it regenerates. Even this sat photo taken this morning looks almost identical to yesterday morning's sat picture. We're just a bulls-eye in the middle of these 2 storm cells.

The same front that will probably keep Maria from hitting the U.S. is holding it in place. Last night, starting around 9:30pm, we got an amazing lightning display.

Photo from Jennifer DiRienzo
It was just nonstop. The constant grumbling that went with it eventually became a crescendo that shook the windows occasionally. During all that, it poured. It rained (and it rained hard) for about 8 hours straight. That can't be good. The airport hasn't reported rainfall via Weather Underground, but I'll be interested to hear what Michael's rain gauge reads down on the Peninsula. Assuming his guys can get in from the countryside, maybe I can get an update of what's going on everywhere as well.

Here was our "sun"set.  Can you see the water color there? It so contrasted with the sky that it was really cool.

Then it got dark. As I had said last night - it was ugly in one direction.

And clearing in the other.

And then it all went to poo.

Michael got up this morning and was stumped by the pans on the counter, wet towels, and full sinks. Hey! The sloppy water fairy's been here! Yeah, she's the bleary eyed, Medusa-haired woman standing next to you. I couldn't sleep through the cacophony outside, so got up around midnight and checked the faucets. Nope, no water. Who knew how long we'd be out, so I couldn't waste all the water coming down from the sky.  I grabbed some buckets and pans and threw them outside the front door. Placed under the roof eave, I was able to bring them in about every 5 minutes and dump them. First I filled 2 toilet tanks and flushed the toilets; then I filled them again. Next up, the utility sink. In the midst of this, the power went out. I had been surprised it had been up at all, so had my flashlight with me, but the lightning made it unnecessary. A final dump into a couple of sinks and I put the bucket back out to fill for an upcoming sponge bath. The bucket was filling so fast, that I was able to do all this in a half hour. There.

I even took out the trash for good measure. Back to bed (wet hair smushed into pillow = Medusa hair in the a.m.). The power came back on...the water didn't. Oddly, a friend up the street has agua, but I just got word that the airport doesn't (per a passenger who had to sit in the dark in the terminal yesterday while they waited an extra 3 hours for their flight out).

Everything has tapered off, but the forecast is showing a 90% chance of thunderstorms for today (40% tonight). Of course, because it's predicted, it probably won't happen (yes, I've become a weather cynic).  It's gray out and we're getting a respite from the deluge in the form of a constant drizzle at the moment. We'll await a report from Michael as he does some reconnaissance on his way into work.

Yo Maria!!  F-Off, you hear me??

I'm listening online to WINNFM 98.9 and ZIZ radio trying to get some info about how everyone fared. There was one call in about a huge dead animal that washed out of a fast-running ghaut and into the street but then all the canned news came on. If anything's happened, apparently it's not important enough to tell anyone first up. I'll go ahead and post this thing and will update later if there's anything to add.  There's a lot going on the next 2 weekends (see calendar), so hopefully future posts will be about that fun and not cruddy weather.