Friday, September 30, 2011

Back to Normal

We did, in fact, have MissT for another day, but managed to keep from losing her this time. I also let her sleep in the next day (she was confused). Now, this is not to say that we still didn't have a bit of hilarity before she departed. I had to spend the day at the Shiggidy Shack and tied her to a table where she could catch a breeze while waiting for her main man to pick her up. She could see me, but it wasn't good enough, and before I knew it she was dragging the table behind her toward me. Oh for Pete's sake.... She ended up at my feet for 4 hours before getting to return to the a/c she normally enjoys in her own home. MissT was actually a fun dog, but we definitely don't have the energy to have one on a regular basis (although you're right Bernie that I just might have caught up with a small 2-legged escape artist). It's different if you've got a yard you can let them out in or something, but otherwise, we're not up for the hassle. I can tell you that the cats are in pure heaven. Here's Zura rolling around and even mouthing her exuberance.

Jack lounging and "swimming" (kneading mid-air with his paws).

Today, I will be vacuuming coconut pieces and food particles from our lone rug (shag, no less - like a bear-skin rug under our feet - oooh), as MissT really liked dragging whatever she was chewing on at the time over there. Of course, that was blended nicely in with all the cat and Renee hair (yes, I shed too). Life goes back to normal.

Tropical system Ophelia finally got the heck away from us, and then immediately developed into a hurricane. Jeez, glad she waited. The breeze should come back over the weekend, although it looks like Sunday will be best. It might be another hot one for tomorrow's Children's Home Run/Walk (it starts at 4pm). Michael and Mr. X (Shiggidy Shack) are already trash talking about who's going to beat whom. Sorry X, but my money's on Michael.

I'll tell you what, trying to keep all the pages on this blog current is tough! Places just close down with nary a peep. There have been several, but the latest one was a surprise. SoBe Bay, a restaurant/bar right next to the Marriott, seemed to be doing pretty well and then just went poof. Hopefully, like too many previous failed foreign enterprises, they didn't run up debt and then just leave. I don't know what kind of recourse the local companies that were stiffed have to get paid, but the rest of us pay in higher prices as the businesses try to recoup their losses. I don't know what happened to SoBe Bay; they certainly seemed to have it all going for them. That said, it's not easy having a business anywhere, but especially on an island with a limited population and a dependency on transient clientele. We're coming in season now, so let's hope for a good one. If you come in on a cruise ship, get the heck off, frequent the local places, eat some Kittitian food, see the island, and know that you're truly making a difference in an entire nation's financial and social fabric. And you'll have fun doing it!