Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Storm Clouds

I have to admit, that despite the whining, I'm a sucker for storms. A good electrical storm can entertain me for hours (and did last night). I would prefer them a little earlier though (hint, hint Ms. Nature). It's drizzle I get crabby about. I want a show. Tonight as the upteenth storm cell rolled through, I thought I got a couple of cool pictures. Can you see the plane in the one photo trying to get the heck out of here ahead of the storm? Those folks were getting a real light show up there.

But then Michael came home and had these two. It really did look like that on one side of the island. It's really been crazy.

It just might be another long night. At least I won't be filling buckets this time. I have to give kudos to our complex's property management. If you ever have a problem, they're right on top of it. By the time we figured out the water problem was related to just our unit, it was almost 4pm. The plumber came all the way from the country-side in this crap to get the broken pipe fixed (a boulder moved in the soaked soil). We're still mooching off a friend for the night for water as the goop sets, but this reminds me why we rent and why we just signed our 3rd lease with them (we've been on-island for a whole 2 years!).

Let's hope tomorrow is a sunny day. All this really is killing business. It's time.