Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Morning and What's this Wet Stuff?

And Maria is still out there. Jeez.

Meteo France
We had a very quiet night and then were pleasantly surprised by our once a year, southwesterly winds. That's the direction we face and because winds normally come from the east (and north during winter fronts), we normally get diddly squat. I hope nobody untied their boats because the seas finally turned south too and are pretty rough.

They're not necessarily high, but you can see the dreariness that is The Strip.

There was all kinds of wildlife out front the Timothy Beach Resort this morning. The monkeys were having a great time goofing around.

The seas might have been rough, but the ocean was amazingly calm. It's a bit swelly (probably around 6') though.

We got home just in time to watch the rain come in.

It lasted all of 5 minutes. The radar still shows globs of green coming our way, but hopefully it'll all pass by the afternoon and we can hit the beach. At 9:30am, the highest reported winds were 37 km/h (about 23mph))!  I think we had some a bit higher than that (the airport is tucked in little). I've noticed other island StormCarib correspondents talking about lightning and thunder, but so far we haven't had any of that. Guess that was in the top portion, which missed us. Hope this is it, because we're sick of Maria. I feel sorry for anyone that ends up in her future path as she is incredibly fickle!