Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday, did, in fact, turn out to be a lot like Saturday. Sandy Bank is still covered in seaweed (but remains our favorite because it's so quiet) and was the place to be with lots of nastiness going around us but never actually hitting us (it did cross the island elsewhere).

Early evenings bring awesome lightning shows with cloud to cloud action and just low level grumbling to emphasize the moment. This morning was a typical morning these days. Lots of showers on the water, but dry enough on land to hit the slopes and get some exercise in.

Today is the St. Kitts & Nevis version of America's 4th of July, where we celebrate getting rid of those pesky Brits (or vice versa if you're talking to a Brit). The Federation has been on its own (sort of) for 28 years now.

But wait! What's this??

Is that?

It is!!!!! AAAACK! The British are coming! The British are coming!!

Yep, they're here alright. As I said, St. Kitts & Nevis are "sort of" independent. They're still considered an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. Every year, the Royal Navy sends a mother ship over to participate in the local festivities. This year, they sent their measly Wave Runner, but they're going to send a helicopter overhead too later, so maybe that'll make up for the fact that they usually consign something bigger, like the HMS Manchester (right). That came in handy last year when Hurricane Igor made a pass at us and Bermuda (another British Territory). The poor ship couldn't dock here because of the rough waters, so moved on expecting to shift into hurricane-relief gear in Bermuda. Luckily they arrived to find the island in pretty good shape. Nice to know they've got our back.

Ok, they just dispatched a rainbow out front, so I guess they're here on a peaceful mission.

And although the sun popped out, it's looking ugly behind, so time to pick up the pace and get back home. Looks like another day of peek-a-boo clouds & sun today. Typically, a luncheon is held at the Governor's House for Brits and locals.  In addition to the pomp and circumstance, there's food and drink. Apparently the way it works is that everyone crowds the bar until the food starts to make its appearance. The locals immediately line up, with some of them whipping out Styrofoam containers to take extra food for later (really, we've seen this phenomenon). Meanwhile the Brits (with a much emptier bar) stand back and get snookered waiting for the line to clear. Now that's bonding.

I think we're simply going to go on the search for avocados, make some dip, and head to the pool (assuming the weather allows). There is a street festival in Lockhart today (I have no idea where that is), but don't think I'm "local" enough to attend after hearing they'll be serving monkey stew (they're like eating little humans - gross). Yep, guacamole is sounding really good to me right now.

(BTW, the electric company has actually issued a schedule of upcoming outages for a change, so if you live here, see if you'll be affected).  Of course, the power outage that hit us this morning at 8:50am wasn't on there...or the noon one...