Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nice Day

I didn't want to leave you hanging there. Half the night was noisy and rainy, the other half was quiet and dry. It was so cool, that I actually thought I'd have to break out my summer blanket! Today was a great temperature too. With water back up and running and the sun out, I got 3 loads of laundry done, mopped the floors using the water I caught Saturday night, and cleaned like a crazy person just taking advantage of the great temp and open windows.

By the time Maria was all said and done with us, the Peninsula registered 5.55" of rain. Poor Michael's had to deal with a lot of erosion and wash-out issues today. He wasn't too pleased to hear that the current radar is showing a little more to come (oh, that thunder confirms it). Hopefully it'll be a quickie. We've got all kinds of things going on this weekend from a crazy hash (dress like a superhero???) to a postponed play to a kayak race between St. Kitts & (never mind, postponed to the 25th); Nevis (for charity) to lots of Independence Day holiday activities. See Calendar for details. Let's keep it dry shall we?