Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Super Hero Hash

There's something about watching cruise ships leave and being glad that we're not on them. We get to stay!

Because we had just celebrated the island's heroes, the latest hash was a Super Hero hash. You could either dress up as a super hero or dress in Federation flag colors - or both.
We didn't really have a whole lot of either in our closet and there aren't a lot (any?) cheapish stores to get this kind of stuff, but we tried. Which was more than a lot of hashers did - come on guys, you're taking the fun out of it! Look at this crowd and less than 1/2 even made an attempt.

Luckily, there are always some people you can count on to get into the spirit, and of course the hash setters (hares), Viking John and Burning Bush, had to dress up.

Super crazies!!!

so let the fashion show begin. The kids went first (and later got toys from Feran's Toy store, which is closing).

Then the super men.

and finally the super heroines (adults got prizes they could drink). I'll bet Tiffany actually practiced that pose before she came.

I was out there, but Michael didn't get it on camera. The best I've got is this one. You can't see my enhanced boobs or other weapons here, but I was going for the Tomb Raider. 

 Lara Croft

While all this hilarity was going on, rain was coming. First a low rainbow touching the hills.

Then the rain.

Right as we headed for the rocky beach, it started to really get ugly.

The rain started picking up, which was ok because it took our attention away from the garbage there.

By the time we got off the rocks and headed toward the hills, it was really coming down.

Considering we had to go through a neighborhood first, I was kind of glad to throw on a rain jacket.

Normally when John sets a trail, we can expect cliffs and thorns, but (at least for the walkers), this one followed a rough road.

Of course, it was all vertical (in 1 direction), but I still appreciated it. Mr. Super Hero was a bit pooped though.

I thought it was a nice walk, personally. Had the sun been out, the tunnel of trees would have kept us in the shade.

There would have been some great views, but the rain kind of ruined the effect. Plus, my non-waterproof camera got a bit ticked off at me and only worked when it wanted to (and fogged up). We did have the volcano to look at and the Fort in the distance.

Luckily, it did stop raining after about 1/2 hour. The runners had a slightly different experience, which took them through some ruins (on Wingfield Estate).


Battling tall grass and steep hills.

Looking lost in the streets of Verchild's.

Just as I was wondering if they actually run, here they are!

Back at the homestead, the hares responsible for the hike were forced to sit in a lid of ice water because this was their 2nd on-back trail in a row (you want the trails to be loops so you get different views coming and going).

We would normally have hung out and listened to some jamming at the Verchild's Home Grown music festival (yes, we were dressed up like idiots and surrounded by festival goers wondering why we were dressed so silly), but we were really wet and cold. It had been a while since I had wanted a hot shower, but it sure did feel good once I got it!

I think today will be like yesterday weather-wise, some sun and some rain. We'll see if we can get some beach time in-between. That or watch football.