Monday, September 5, 2011


So let's see. We were kitty sitting for friends that had a much needed vacation off the island. They were supposed to return on Friday, but unsurprisingly ended up in Antigua for the night. If LIAT wants to know why it's called several variances of Leaves Island Any Time, then it might want to work on its record. Our friends were coming from San Juan via Antigua (yes, it's farther east than St. Kitts) and despite a 2 hour delay thought everything was hunky dory until 20 minutes before they were supposed to land in Antigua when they were told they were taking a quick detour to Dominica. Let's look at a map, shall we?

You'll note Dominica is a couple islands south of Antigua. Strangely, the passengers were told that the Dominican airport didn't have any lights. Why go there at night then???? And they did have lights (thankfully)... Next thing they knew they were heading to Antigua (with a new female passenger hanging out in the cockpit - the pilot's Dominican girlfriend?). Of course, our pals and 10 others missed their connecting flight and had to spend the night on the wrong island. Luckily, the hotel had a place they could store their frozen food. At 4am, they were heading to the airport again only to land and have their frozen food missing (it showed up a few hours later). If you fly this airline, make sure you're not in a hurry to get somewhere or need your luggage.

Saturday, Michael had to work and after feeling lousy most of the week, I decided to try to get some air at the pool (our house is like a sauna after about 1pm). Well, there wasn't any air there either, but at least every 15 minutes I was able to jump into the water and cool off a bit. I thought these 3 sailboats were motoring, but found out later that there actually was a breeze off island so those guys had a good sail.

We were told there would be swells from Hurricane Katia, but the ocean looked calm.

The sea looked like glass in some places.

Until we got to the beach. Some pretty good-sized swells were breaking there.

The seaweed was kind of gross. It stinks and harbors lots of little bugs - especially with the lack of wind. The surf was high and made puddles high on the beach, making it seem a bit cess-pool-like. Yuck!

These two tried to brave the waves, but didn't last long.

Michael had a good time though.

Wipe out!

And so begins a new week that's likely to be another scorcher.