Monday, October 24, 2011


I think I've given birth! After putting in some way-too-long days, the book edits are done. Like it or not, it's off for the final tweaks and then the publisher and I will focus on the marketing aspects of the book. I'll be sure to fill you all in on the details when we get there.

Meanwhile, someone was crazy enough to ask me to pet sit again. A dog and cat this time. I'm straddling two homes and trying to keep both of them from smelling like a zoo. What's cool is that I've temporarily got an island car. I haven't driven in months!! The car doesn't like hills, which is rather distressing on a hilly island, but it has gotten me between the two places well enough, so no complaints. Speaking of dogs, you just have to laugh at this:

Don't worry, that's not any dog we know. Someone forwarded this to me in one of those emails that has scary photos of...unique...people spotted in Walmart. This made me laugh more than the shoppers though. That's what the person gets for leaving his dog in the car for what was probably hours.

Here's some miscellaneous island stuff. Last week, we got inundated with insects down at The Strip and I had mentioned it on StormCarib. Thanks to Raf for identifying the bugs as midges. He totally called that right. One website even confirms that people often mistake them for mosquitoes (like I did). All I know is I'm thankful they live short lives. We had a relatively dry rainy season this year, so the salt pond is lower than normal. A combination of factors, resulted in a midge invasion. Good riddance!

Anyone on island notice various foods tasting funny? Last week, Mr. X got 10 cases of Carib that tasted terrible. It wasn't skunk, it was sort of soapy tasting. Saturday, we splurged on some Cheez-Its. They're expensive, so we only get them about every other month. We each had a handful and decided to save the rest for cat treats. They tasted awful. Again, sort of like soap. Being sick The latest purchase, some pretzels, had that exact same "off" flavor. There's a bitterness to the stuff. I'd blame it on a contaminated shipping container, but Carib is made here. If this doesn't get me off beer and junk food, I don't know what will.

Hey, Frigate Bay Association! Clean up N Frigate Bay beach. It's disgusting!  The pooch liked it well enough, but I was knee deep in seaweed full of trash. I refused to even take off my shoes. 

Here's a final thought for you: