Saturday, November 12, 2011

Belated Birthday

Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday. I felt like a rock star on a day that went a bit more blue collar, and to be honest, kind of sucked. Michael & I were able to celebrate with a dinner out last night though and happened to notice that the new restaurant, Bangkok, was having a grand opening.

Once we got inside we learned that everything from drinks to food was 1/2 price. Pig out!! The inside of the place doesn't look much different than when PJ's was the proprietor (post). There's a big bar area, some seating in an open-air situation, and seating in air-conditioning.

The menu is pretty much the same as Bangkok's sister restaurant, Twist in Port Zante. We had heard that Twist had good Thai food, so that's what we got here. There were a good number of veggie dishes, including one that was mock chicken. It was pretty tasty - we liked the gravy that was on it. The rice was nice and fluffy and the other two dishes were so spicy we were glad to have that rice.  They have quite a selection of beers too - I was happy to have a Presidente Light (Dominican Republic beer). It was delicious.  The music was dance music, which was fun, but a bit too loud. It seemed like there were only 2 servers, so it probably took more time to get and pay our check than it did to order, receive, and eat our food. It was their first night, so we figured there would be some kinks. We still enjoyed ourselves.

Then I was in the mood to dance. Mr. X had told me that the Sri Linkan delegates hoping to win the Commonwealth Games for their country in 2016 had commandeered the Shiggidy Shack and had a great DJ. So we went there. Unfortunately, they had lost the bid to Australia, so their last night was a little subdued, but I mean that comparatively to their previous evenings there. Check out Club Shiggidy! Spotlights and everything!

On the beach - lots of uplighting, seating, lit up tables, dance floors on the sand.

Nice little nook.

At one point, Sri Lankan dancers came out and flitted and swirled around the place.

This was my favorite part though.

Disco ball!!!! When we got there, the band was playing Sri Lankan music which sort of sounded like polka music with an Indian flair. We wouldn't have known how to dance to that stuff, but the crowd knew what to do with it.

The dj started playing music we knew and liked but it was so loud, we went out to a distant parking lot and danced. Oddly, for the past few days all these crabs have been coming out of the salt pond, crossing the road to the beach, and getting smooshed by cars. Michael and Mr. X were trying to save the little guys.

That worked until each ended up with a bloody finger and the crabs were left to fend for themselves. X said he'd never seen anything like it. Weird. One thing I noticed was a MUCH increased military presence. Not even police, but military with machine guns walking around. I guess I felt safer, sheesh.

So, I consider my birthday a day late, but a good one none-the-less. Even the temperature was perfect. Not sure what we're doing this weekend. It's been a long week, so relaxation is hopefully on the horizon.