Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After

Burp. Anyone else feeling bloated this morning?

Hope all my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving and are not getting pepper sprayed by angry customers during their Black Friday shopping. Michael & I worked most of the day, and then had a quick beer (or two) with friends at the Shiggidy Shack, which was not actually open. Tom played make-shift bartender, while we took turns hooking up our various tunes to groove to.

He did a great job! The rest of the gang appreciated it (Michael the only one from the States).

Michael got suckered into helping Mr. X set-up for the night. Come on - let's get cooking!

Now this is more like it. What I'm grateful for? A guy who knows how and likes to cook.

The final masterpiece.

It was fabulous and I ate every single bite. I washed and put away all the dishes (what Michael's grateful for) and then it was time to dance and dance and dance. Sounds weird, but we had a really good time.

The cats were not amused.

The weather's getting a bit iffy for the next couple of days so maybe we'll hit the movies tomorrow. Note to those of you on-island, there will be scheduled island-wide outages in the early mornings (between 6 and 7). this Saturday & Sunday.  As someone commented on Facebook, how will we know the scheduled outages from the unscheduled ones? Unplug your stuff!

The treadmill is calling me for a looooong run.  Have a great weekend everyone and safe traveling for those of you taking to the roads.