Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Need a Nap!

Ok, so I went to bed 4 hours ago... That's right. I stayed up about 6 hours past my normal bedtime. Sometimes it's just nice to know I can still do it. Once again, the Shiggidy Shack pulled off a great celebration and got their j'ouvert troupe launched in the process. And once again, the night pictures aren't so hot, but you'll get the idea. First up? Havana Express. These guys played with a bigger group for the Latin Fiesta and I think they sing/play at the Blue Martini in the Marriott once/week.

Next up was a new band that is either called Untitled or is just plain untitled. I'm not sure, but they were very good.

I don't know if you can tell from these pictures, but there was quite a large crowd. And a diverse one too (which is what drew us to this island in the 1st place). There were even a bunch of folks bobbing their heads and toes in the parking lot.

Then it was time to launch the j'ouvert troupe, De Buccaneers, sponsored by the Shiggidy Shack & WinnFm. Actual models showed us the costumes troupe members would wear. Yeah, those short shorts are going to look just like that on me (and others). And where were the eye patches - aar!

While De Buccaneers were strutting their stuff, the Amazing, Blazing Fireman was strutting his.

Sign up! $70EC (about $26US) will get you an awesome pirate costume, refreshments, the Small Axe band as your personal troupe leader, and $ donated to local cancer-focused organizations in St. Kitts-Nevis. You can jump into the fun after midnight December 27th and keep on going until about noon (or until you poop out). Come on - you get an eye patch and sword and everything! Just come to the Shack and complete the form, pay up, and be sure to join the Shiggidy Shack Wind Jammers Facebook Group. Let the fireworks begin!

They were as good I expected them to be. Ok, time to boogie to the the tunes of Royalties. You'll note that a slight drizzle did not deter the dancing.

Right in front of the speaker! I'll bet even with her fingers in her ears she's hearing it all quite nicely.

Just before midnight, the j'ouvert troupe's official band, Small Axe took the stage.

Unexpectedly, they started with American 80s music (Lionel Ritchie, Kool & The Gang, etc.). Of course, 80s music meant the Electric Slide.

It wasn't long though before the more hard-core soca/calypso music started creeping in (to the delight of the locals) and I decided it was time to head out. Plus Michael was starting to dance (kind of like Elaine on Seinfeld) so it was time to take him home. He's at the other house continuing on with the house/pet sitting and I'll bet that's a quiet household this morning...Good times.

While I was typing the post, the power/internet/cable went out. Just another day in St. Kitts. It's also raining. Stop it - it's beach day!

I know there are a # of student parents reading (and maybe students). I've got a blog reader/medical student who's looking for a couple of roommates to share the rent for a house in the Mattingley Heights area (close to the hospital). If anyone out there knows of someone looking to split costs for an apartment, hit the Contact button on the main blog page and I'll put everyone in touch with each other.