Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kickboxing and a Homecoming

I had a really good time at the Kickboxing for a Cure yesterday at the Marriott.  The Essence of Hope Foundation has been very busy raising funds for breast cancer with everything from t-shirt design contests to making commercials with local models, to galas to, to a walk-a-thon, to this kickboxing event. I hope they've been able to raise lots of $ for the local charities dedicated to getting mammograms for women and treatment for those who need it. I've lost my Stepmother Bev and my Aunt Tiina to this stupid disease so I hope the effort all these event organizers put on throughout the world pays off in a cure someday soon.  Time to get our sweat on for the cause.  It initially looked like the workout was going to be a dud, but, of course, everyone was just being fashionably late. We ended up with a pretty good crowd by the end there. Look at that sea of pink.

Warmup first.

Then it was time to get to the nitty gritty.

I know there were a few women there who had been guests of the hotel. Now they get to go home and say they did kickboxing under a Kittitian sky to soca tunes for a great cause.

Then I had a good run home to see Mikey. Yes, he's been gone for a week, which is why I had been straddling two houses trying to take care of 2 sets of animals. Just like any trip, Michael had to cram as much as possible into his return to the States - it had been about 5 years since he'd seen his family. First off, a stop in to visit fellow (former) sailing pals, Hans & Kristen, and to meet their new crew member, Freja (note blanket). The family no longer has their tiny sailboat but has now moved onto a slightly roomier motorboat in a Philadelphia marina (their blog).

Freja took to Uncle Mike right away (note sweatshirt).

Of course, the next order of business was to get some Philadelphia food. First up, a soft pretzel (or two) with a humungous soda (from WaWa). Next, a cheese hoagie.

Then, in what turned out to be a very smart move, he drove to Virginia to go through the last of our belongings (left at my mom's 6 years ago) to either bring the stuff back to St. Kitts or donate it to charity. There were winter clothes and a jacket in that collection and he was very grateful to have grabbed them for the remainder of his States trip. He also got all our shopping done - although he needed things like work shorts and suntan lotion, which were not in huge supply in the malls this time of year. He also got the requisite haircut.

More friends to see - this one a high school and college buddy, Kim (who knew him the way I did as "Mole" - seriously, I knew him for over 3 years and never knew his real name until the day I graduated and asked him).

Then it was off to Cape May, New Jersey for his nephew's wedding. You know, a nice fall occasion.

Except that it was freezing. I give the bride credit for not encasing her gown in a bubble coat or something. Here is Michael with his 2 brothers, sister (mother of the groom), and mom. The 2nd picture adds a couple more family members.

Michael texted me that he was turning into an icicle. Apparently all that shivering worked up an appetite. Michelob Ultra - whaaaaaa.

It wasn't enough that it was abnormally cold - nooooo. It also had to snow for the 1st time in October in 39 years!

Time to head back to NYC for the flight back to warmth.

The first thing we did upon his return was go to El Fredo's for a veggie roti (St. Kitts has some good food too) and then it was time to see what goodies Michael brought back. I had a blast going through all my old stuff (I sure do have a lot of workout clothes) and am hoping it all fits (you know what I'll be doing today). I will also be loading songs onto what I believe is my 7th mp3 player in 6 years (this time I'm trying a Shuffle). I can tell you that our cats are very happy to have me sleeping at home again (they're acting as bookends beside my computer right now) and I have to admit it's nice to be home. I'm pretty sure Michael feels the same.