Monday, November 14, 2011

Mo' Money

Just letting you know that the airport departure tax on St. Kitts has gone up. It's $100EC for everyone - about $37US. Ouch. You used to have to go to a separate window to pay it, but apparently now it'll be included in your plane ticket fare. If you have an older ticket or are taking a charter flight though, I'm guessing the window will still be there. That or you'll have to pay at the check-in counter.

Sandy Beach Good thing we really like it here since we can't afford to leave. The humidity seems to finally be coming down and we had a really great day yesterday. Two folding chairs, a cooler, some gossip magazines, and some fun tunes.

As usual, we were alone, so got giddy and sang badly and danced even worse. Michael had to show me his 1970s roller skating moves to one song and it wasn't pretty.  Lucky for you, I forgot my camera.