Monday, November 28, 2011

Was that a?

After the early am rains Saturday, Michael took these shots down the Peninsula. Not only are the roads becoming a mess, actually buckling in some places,

Undulating and Cracked Road

but some serious erosion is going on here and there too.

Muddy Stairway to Heaven

That was before it rained, and rained, and rained some more. It seemed pretty windy too, but the airport only reported gusts up to 22 kph (about 13mph). I think they need to add another anemometer in a less protected location.

If that wasn't enough, while I was lying in bed at about 1:45am wondering why the heck I was awake at that time again, the room started shaking. For 2-3 seconds. Then while I was wondering if maybe I was having an Exorcist moment (maybe I wasn't awake after-all), it happened again - this time for about 4-5 seconds. There was no missing that one as things were rattling and the cats were up and ready to run. Us too. It felt like someone was outside kicking the house. Someone large...It wasn't long, but it was definitely the strongest earthquake we'd ever felt (we did live in CA for a couple of years). I was surprised to read it was only a magnitude 4.7. The quake originated around St. Martin but was felt all the way to Guadeloupe to the south and Puerto Rico to the west. Our first Caribbean earthquake. Sure glad it was a quickie!

Today, I see that poor Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Martinique are under more rain (a lot of it). The worst of it still seems to be going over them and then east (WonderMap radar), so it's hard to predict what we'll get, but there are still flood warnings in effect. This is a pretty organized system for this time of year. Our weather forecast for Wednesday actually says "fog" on it. That should be interesting.
Be careful driving anywhere there's a cliff on one side, because between all the rain and the earthquake, some boulders might come a-tumblin' down!