Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Christmas Party

I post these pictures as proof that sometimes we do get cleaned up and my, Kat's, and Pat's hair is not always in a ponytail. The point was to show you our outfits, which you can't see from these pictures, but you'll have to wait until next year unless we get gussied up for New Year's or something. I'm holding the camera case behind my back, I'm not sure what Michael's hiding. You'll note that the Christmas tie Michael is wearing is ancient! It was given to him by a broker I worked with in California in 1989! That tie has been to CA, VA, AZ, back to VA where it sat in a box until Michael found it last month and brought it to St. Kitts. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Looking good!

BTW, I have a caveat to add to the December duty-free announcement.  This per the SKN-Times:
The Observer spoke with a Customs officer who explained that there would be some restrictions to the list of items that would not be taxed. He said that the removal of taxes would apply to only food stuff including but not limited to rice, cereals, canned goods and pastas.

Taxes will continue to be charged on snacks, including sweets, chocolates, chips, biscuits and corn curls. Also not on the exempt list are electronics, household items including sheets, curtains and clothing and cleaning products. These will remain taxable at 53.27% of their cost plus any other applicable tax.

Persons returning via airlift from shopping trips abroad will also receive tax exemptions. The PM said that a duty free pass on the first EC$1500 of goods will be allowed in this case. In addition to this, the seven day passenger policy has been lifted in order to allow everyone to benefit from the newly approved concessions, he said.