Friday, December 30, 2011

Kids in Costume

So today was the children's carnival parade. It was supposed to start at 2pm. Everyone thought it was weird that we had 2 weekends and 4 holiday days to have this thing, but they picked a work day instead. I figured they were trying to impress the passengers on the Allure of the Seas cruise ship, so I was amazed when the parade started almost 2 hours late. Impressive...The ship is HUGE! Look at it towering over the capital.

Normally Michael & I tag team each on pictures so we can make sure we get two vantage points, but Michael had to work. Instead, I was lucky enough to run into new pals Alexandre and Patricia and they were willing to share their photos (thanks guys!). Alexandre threw himself in front of the troupes so most of the pics I used from him are wider angles. I was on the sidelines trying to get around the pazillion people walking back and forth along side the kids (and getting in my way).

Of course, the problem with having someone else with a camera is they take pictures of you! I was soooo bored.

He also had the cajones to take a picture of this guy (a crazy man who lives in an overgrown hovel near the IGA grocery store).

The organizers did send a few masquerade (clown) troupes around and these jumper guys came along and made things interesting. First they had to setup. Notice the pitch fork.

The first jumper they sent down was this little guy. He, of course, went around the obstacle laid out for him.

But then they got serious.

Ok, that was fun. Let's start the parade! This year's theme for the children’s Carnival was: “St. Kitts-Nevis Culture and Future.” According to the Carnival's Facebook page, the heart of the theme was "to use the children of the Federation, our FUTURE to portray examples of our culture and the avenues for future growth." Any quotes going forward are from the Carnival Facebook page. The first troupes up seemed to be independent masqueraders (clown) groups of older kids.

This team seemed a bit ragtag, but they were representing Brimstone Hill.

Our Most Talented Teens

Their support.

This girl did not take a bad picture. I'm not sure what she was representing, but she sure did look good doing it.

Then it was time for the Carnival Masquerade. The troupes were broken down by school districts and the write-up for this one was as follows: Representing Zone I (schools from East Basseterre to Central Basseterre including St. Peters I).

"Every December, we love to get dressed up and depict activities and features from sea life, to flora and fauna and Pirates and treasure. Decked out in the tranquil color of purple, our children play their role this carnival by celebrating that time old tradition of playing MAS – through the Carnival Masquerade." I think this group had the most energy.

Next up was Information Technology (Representing Zone II – schools from West Basseterre).

"This sector presents the next sphere of opportunity for creativity and growth for our nation. What started at the assembly lines of our Manufacturing sector is evolving to include the creation of applications for phones and other exciting areas."

Here comes Soca Music! (Representing Zone III – schools from Old Road to St. Paul’s)

"They will display the color, fun and frolic that only listening to SOCA MUSIC provides for Caribbean People. From classics from the greats of Ellie Matt and the G I Brass to the big bands of SMALL AXE, GRAND MASTERS and NU VYVES. Soca Music makes your waist sing."

Now Industry and Commerce (Representing our private schools and brothers and sisters from NEVIS in Zone V).

"To us, money matters and where we get our money is in the industries and areas of commerce and development that we are able to generate. This includes the manufacturing sector, renewable energy and the arts and entertainment. Lets make that money baby!"

Can't forget about Agriculture and Self-Reliance (Schools from Newton Ground to Cayon are members of Zone IV.)

"We remember when King Sugar has sustained our sugar belt for hundreds of years but with his demise other crops have begun to share his throne. From tiling the soil to reaping the bounty we need food to be all over in order to sustain ourselves."

These were my favorite costumes.

It was rounded out by some more clowns.

Uh oh! The bull's got Patricia!

And then it started raining. Kids running for cover, the ship looking ominous under an ugly grey cloud. Time to go!

The costumes were very detailed and the kids seemed to have routines, so it was more fun than just having them walk with water bottles stuck to their faces (although there were a few of those), looking lost. Next up, the costume parade for adults on Monday (no time given yet). We have to survive New Year's Eve first too. Here comes 2012 whether we're ready or not. Happy New Year's everyone!