Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey blog readers, I wanted to thank you for the feedback on the post regarding my Mom's visit. While we were able to transverse the entire island in 6 hours, I don't exactly recommend it. We usually split it up into 3 parts (not necessarily in this order):
  • The SE Peninsula, because then we can hit Turtle Beach, Sandy Bank, Cockleshell, and S Friar's. Maybe The Strip for a sun downer. 
  • Then the southwest part of the island, which gives you the Brimstone Fortress, Romney Estate (Caribelle Batik/petroglyphs), the Clay Plantation, Fairview Plantation, Palm Gardens in the Fortlands, downtown Basseterre and shopping. 
  • The third day, we get the northwest part of the island with Ottley's Plantation, the Black Rocks, Golden Lemon, and Rawlin's Plantation/Kate Spencer Studio. 
Other days you can head over to Nevis, or snorkel, or hike, or try the ziplines, or the Sugar Train. All these things are under my Activities page and are on the Map if you want to get your bearings. Of course, just sitting around a pool is nice too.

This time of year, Carnival season is ramping up and I haven't been able to attend anything yet, so Michael & I decided to go to the Walk Run Jam that was supposed to be at 2pm. Our pal Carla was asked to organize this event, since she and others had been so successful with a prior one.  We were ready to show her some support, but decided we'd walk it this time. Time to put my butt-shaping shoes on (either that or a clever way to market orthopedic foot-ware)!

Unfortunately, we and the organizers were the only ones to show! Grand Master band was ready to lead the pack, but there wasn't anyone to lead. I hate it when that happens. We waited a bit to see if people were just being fashionably late, but it was not to be. We walked the route anyway back to the car. I also stopped to check out what was supposed to be a Cultural Market, but unless it was inside the Caribe Cafe, I didn't see anything. I think this is where everybody was.

30% off at TDC! There were a lot of people here.  Luckily, later on last night, there were also a lot of people at the Bamboo Lounge to show their support to Shelley and her son Bruce, who will hopefully find himself under capable hands in a Canadian hospital by Monday's end.  If you didn't see the post, click here (you subscribers got an outdated version). Lots of people turned out and bid on great stuff provided by many local businesses who were very generous with their offerings.

Don't forget if you're not on island or missed last night's fundraiser, you can also email or send money through Paypal to that email address. You can also
call Western Union 1-800-235-000 and email Jeanne Buffett (Bruce's Aunt) the confirmation number at or text her the confirmation number at 902-221-6689. The family had to prepay $37,000US to get him on the medical flight, so every bit helps. They are very appreciative of everyone's efforts from St. Kitts to Canada. Results after last night's fundraiser:
  • Door and Donations = US$ 1,728 // EC$ 4,668
  • Bar Sales = US $1,388 // EC $3,680
  • Auction = US$ 7,955.62 // EC $21,241.50
    • GRAND TOTAL : US $10,959.00 // EC $29,589.50
Wow! Good job everyone. People throughout St. Kitts rally for those who need it and I'm proud to be in the midst of such support, kindness, and compassion (maybe it'll rub off on me!). Shelley is overwhelmed and thankful. Get better Bruce!

Today is starting out a little dreary, but should improve. There are supposed to be horse races and j'ouvert troupe craziness at the Beaumont Park Race Track.  I'm not sure if we'll be drawn away from the beach or not. We really do like doing nothing on Sundays.